(played by Matt)

Physical Description

Quint got his start bounty hunting like anyone else would. He was a good shot, good pilot, strong willed and enjoyed the company of credits. Some of his work was more honorable, like tracking down slavers and locating missing persons, and some of it was less so like collecting on some bad debts. Local police, crime bosses, families in need of help, it didn't matter. The only rule he had was there had to be a good cause for it. Working for a crime boss was alright if the guy he was collecting on was already on some kind of police watch list. What's one less bad guy in the world? Quint's mistake in life was taking a contract out in Mos Eisely while watching the local pod races. One of the local crime organizations didn't like that a stranger new to town that was asking too many questions about the organization. According to them, the stranger even killed a few men and a few bystanders in the street. That was enough for Quint to accept the contract, innocents and civilians are a no go in his world when it came to casualties. He tracked the stranger to the outskirts of town and confronted him about his business on Tatooine. There was something different about him and Quin'talos could feel the stranger try to creep into his mind, like he was playing head games with him as if casting a spell upon him with his words. Quint shook off the feeling and drew his blaster pistol. That's when the stranger drew a weapon of his own and solidified Quint's fears of the stranger's powers. The figure drew a red lightsaber, a weapon only used by the darkest and most deadliest forces in the universe, a dark jedi. The dark jedi deflected Quint's blaster shots and pushed him back with his powers. Quint dropped his blaster but managed to fire his wrist mounted bow into his assailant. It was enough to stagger him while he reached for the blaster. In the struggle to grab his blaster, the dark jedi sliced off Quint's left arm and some of his right hand's fingers. It was to late however for the dark jedi as the toxin on the wrist bolt started its work. Normally the dart was to subdue someone for a live capture but in this case there was an exception. Quint unslung his cycler rifle, a prize he had claimed from a job dealing with some local tusken raiders before the pod race and tried to brace it on the wall behind him. The dark jedi, surprisingly, was recovering from the poison and coming for him. As he was blacking out, he fired a round from the rifle. Quint woke up in a med ward confused and in pain. A couple of jedi knights were awaiting outside for him and came to talk to him about his encounter with the dark jedi. They had been investigating his actions and Quint was one of the few people to come in contact with him and the only one to survive. Quint inquired about the dark jedi and the jedi knights said that they had no idea where he went. Their only clue was they discovered the round that Quint had fired from his rifle was melted and slagged but only partially embedded in the wall where they found him. They believe the battle must have been moments before their arrival and the dark jedi fled just before they arrived. Quint talked at length with the knights and convinced them of his usefulness and duty. They consulted the consul who admitted Quin'Talos Azure had quite a strong will and must be well connected with the force to survive such an encounter even though he was not a jedi. As such, he was appointed as a bounty hunter and bodyguard for young padawans and jedi knights among the ranks in the jedi but not one himself. They sensed a great good in him and higher purpose. He went one to even help discover a few new Jedi with the help of the consule whom he now serves with. One day Quint hopes to find the dark jedi that took his arm, he might even thank him for his new purpose in life.



A Quote

Fighting Type (Major)- May take one additional non-attack action per round without penalty.
Cyberarm (minor)- Cyberarm does normal damage in hand to hand and adds 1d6 to Strength rolls for that arm.

Memorable (minor)- Witnesses receive a +1d bonus to remember or identify you.
Overconfident (minor)- You believe you can handle any situation or threat that comes up and you don't back down from anything smaller than a rancor.
Cyberstigmata (minor)- Galactic society is generally uncomfortable with cybernetic replacements, this prejudice may lead to a -1d penalty for interpersonal skill rolls like Persuasion, but may add +1d to Intimidation.


Caerbor- A Saurin bounty hunter, he worked a few jobs with Quint, but has also occasionally competed with him for a bounty. Male Saurin, yellow scaled with green and purple patterns.

Mar Pelles- A human weaponsmith, he lives on Socorro and does a brisk business selling to the various criminals and low-lifes that pass through. Human male, late 60's, overweight with grey hair and beard. Severe blaster scar on left side of neck.

Aruma Gastess- A Gotal cantina owner on Llanic, she is a rumormonger and gossip trader and the best outside of Hutt space. Female Gotal.

Cycler Rifle