Quincy "The Brick" Malone, ex-Prize Fighter played by Matt

You’re from Earth and that’s a problem that you have to deal with constantly, since everyone else seems to think there’s no one left on Earth but the poor and the crazy who want to live there. But growing up on Earth made you physically stronger than almost everyone else who grew up on “little worlds” and that made you a success as a prize fighter. But most of the money you won went into other people’s pockets, so now you’re a Cowboy.

Bookie- Russell Kaplan handles betting for one of the fighting tournaments on Venus. He’s a good source of news in the underworld. White male, average in every way. Dark hair.

Arranger- Donald Kingsley handled your booking and tours on Mars. He’s still a good person “in the know” about things happening on Mars. Black male, short hair, wears nice suits.

Trainer- Thomas Nye looks like a little old man, but he moves like lightning and hits like thunder. One of the greatest living martial artists, he trained you on Earth. Short, elderly asian male, bald with white goatee.

Doctor- Winston O’Bannon is a fight match doctor on Mars. White male, tall with dark hair and glasses, he speaks with an old English accent from his youth on Ganymede