Quid Pro Quo

Shopping Trip
After the mission to attack the refinery, Leelan decides he needs to learn to fight better. He approaches Varek and he agrees to tutor Leelan in blaster and basic hand to hand skills. Later, C'athall, Varek, Zaonderh and Leelan are summoned by Commander Gion for a mission briefing. When they arrive, Gion is not alone, General Reskan is there as well. The general congratulates them on their past missions and admits it is not their fault the Imperial warehouse was not fully stocked when they raided it. However, he has received word from Rebel High Command that their original shipment of medical supplies was delayed due to heavy fighting elsewhere. So general Reskan wants to build up their supplies in case they need to send some to other sectors. They are planning a series of raids on Imperial stockpiles, but before that happens, he has a mission for them. He wants Zaonderh to go to Genesia and buy as much bacta and medical supplies as he can get on the Invisible Market. They will give Lieutenant Arden 50,000 credits, he will be responsible for the money. They also provide a contact, a Rodian named Graxi Takka who lives in the city of Brenn.
The team boards the Shriek-Hawk and heads to Genesia. Zaonderh talks to locals and arranges a meeting with Takka. Varek and Zaonderh rent a speeder and drive past the meeting, its a small office building in a commercial area, but they notice reinforced doors, lots of securitycams and external guards who are obviously thugs. Leelan goes to techie market and gets some parts for his droid, Redo. C'athall tells everyone to meet him in a local bar, The Siren. When they arrive, they find C'athall sitting in a private booth with a beautiful older blue Twi'lek. She is called away by some of the staff and kisses him on the cheek when she leaves. The rest of the team joins him and he tells them first round is on the house.

An Offer You can’t Refuse
The next day they arrive at the building and are taken to meet Takka. They have to surrender all their weapons at his office, including the holdout blaster Zaonderh tries to sneak in. He is friendly and willing to deal, he looks up his available inventory on his computer, but gets a call while doing so. He says lots of "Yes, sir" in the call and hangs up and tells the team he cannot help, but his boss may be able to. He takes them upstairs to the top floor which is even better decorated with bigger guards and takes them to a luxurious office where they meet Eelien Kirat, current head of the Nalmar family crime syndicate. He waves aside their story and says his files identified C'athall as a former military officer and presumed Rebel. He is willing to make a deal, a trade for all the supplies they need for free in return for a favor… One of his ships was impounded on Asran by the Empire, he wants them to go there and steal his ship. He provides them a datapad with all the passwords to the ship's locks and controls and tells them he has scheduled a flight plan for a departure three hours from now, they had better be on their way. On the way out, their weapons are returned and they are walked out. Realizing they probably need some slicing help, Leelan stops and buys hardware and programs to upgrade Redo's computer programming skills. They board the Shriek-Hawk and head for Asran. On the hyperspace jump to Asran, Leelan works on Redo. But its one of those jobs that takes much longer than expected, but the work is finally done.

Grand Theft Spacecraft
On Asran, they learn the ship is impounded at a small regional port. They land at the main port and go to the city nearby to get supplies. Zaonderh deals with the locals and gets supplies to forge IDs, but can only find one Imperial uniform that will fit C'athall. Since non-humans are almost never Imperial personnel, they decide that they will pose as a scan team sent to examine the captured ship. Varek will be a civilian assistant and Zaonderh is a contract laborer. He composes a fake Imperial order and Redo sends it to the base. They rent a speeder and file a flight plan to move the Shriek-Hawk to the local port. Leelan will fly their ship, once they have control of the impounded ship, Varek will fly it away and Leelan will follow.
C'athall flies the speeder to the base, but it breaks down. Leelan lands at the port as planned and plugs Redo into the local network to see what they can learn. Since no one in the speeder team is a real mechanic, they end up having to call Leelan for help fixing the speeder (GM's note: I was running C'athall since Mike couldn't make it, none of the speeder team had any real repair skills and we all botched at least once). When they arrive, the gate guards are a little unsure, but C'athall's obvious military bearing and bad temper gets them past. They park in the garrison lot and head across to the ship, sitting on a landing pad. Another officer stops and questions them, again C'athall slides them by, but barely. They go up to the ship, but can't get the lock on the entrance hatch off and it shrills an alarm. The suspicious officer approaches with two soldiers, Varek pulls his pistol from his bag, but before he can shoot, one of the troopers yells "Blaster!" and opens fire. Zaonderh pulls his pistol and C'athall gets out a rifle and they shoot it out, dropping the three Imperials, then Varek blows the lock off the hatch and they head in and get the ship started.
Meanwhile Leelan and Redo are hacking the port network, shutting down the tractor beam projector and trying to get into the Imperial garrison. They hear shots across the way and head back to the Shriek-Hawk to get ready to take off. Back at the garrison, Varek is powering up, but having trouble with the unfamiliar ship. Zaonderh looks up and sees a TIE fighter coming out of the hangar while soldiers blast away at the ship. The TIE opens fire, grazing the hull but C'athall turns the ship's quad-blaster on it and destroys the fighter. Varek lifts off and Leelan follows and the two ships race for orbit to jump away.

Silly Quotes and Smart remarks
Discussing buying an airspeeder
Emily "We could almost buy our own ship for that"

Going to the spaceport bar
Michael "Is it a spiki (space tiki) bar?"

Jim "We go to ze meeting" (bad French accent, I don't know why)
Emily (confused) "Zee Mi Ting? Who's that?"

The contact is Graxi Takka
Emily "When I see his name, I want to say 'Graxi Taxi' "

The crime syndicate's offices are very posh
Emily "Did I bring my droid?"
Jim "Not unless he's serving drinks"
Emily "Never bring a droid to a knife fight"

During the meeting with the crime boss
Michael "Does he open a side door to show a bloody body hanging in chains?"
Jim "No, but I admit there is a little Niska vibe here"

Varek shoots a trooper and Kevin is disappointed he isn't wounded
Jim "He is wearing armor"
Kevin "Oh… Lame. It's not sporting"