The Kingdom of Queg

Queg is an island nation in the middle of the Bitter Sea surrounded by warm currents that may be heated by undersea volcanoes. Settled by the Empire of Kesh as a stepping stone to expand into the area now known as the Free Cities, Kesh ordered troops withdrawn and sent home for use elsewhere. Queg was ruled by a lesser son of the emperor and he declared independence. Today, Queg regards itself as the rightful descendants of the Empire. The Quegans are blessed with an extremely fertile island, allowing them to raise crops to feed their population. The Quegans' two primary industries are exporting fine marble and piracy; the Quegan navy regards the Bitter Sea as their territory and preys on everyone who sails it. Queg also produces fire oil, an extremely flammable liquid made by their alchemists.
Since marble is their only real natural resource, it is used heavily. Common buildings are made of stone and plaster, but any more important structure is faced with or even made of marble. Local foods are fish, lamb, fruits, and breads. Quegan cuisine is considered very bland and poor, even in the nobles' homes, compared to what mainlanders consider upscale food. There is no beef as they require too much grazing land.
The Quegans are somewhat xenophobic and extremely racist; they are haughty and demanding, considering everyone else to be inferiors, even the royalty of the the Kingdom of the Isles. Since they consider themselves to be the rightful rulers of Kesh, they are even more scornful of the nobility of the Empire. Foreigners have no rights and are only allowed as "guests" under the patronage and protection of a local noble. That protection could be withdrawn at any time (although a day's warning is customary) and visitors thrown in jail or sold into slavery.
Slavery is common, the great nobles' houses are staffed with slaves who are often taken advantage of by the nobles and offered as "entertainment" to guests. Since the island's food supply needs to go to supporting the people, there are a minimum of domestic animals other than for transportation. Riding horses are very rare, nobles travel in sedan chairs carried by slaves.
Queg's two major cities are the capital, also called Queg, and Palanque. Queg is on the north east corner and is the primary port for trade from the Kingdom and the northern Free Cities, such as Port Natal. Palanque is on the south west coast and gets more shipping from LiMeth and Durbin in Kesh and the southern Free Cities, like Margrave's Port. Most slave trade passes through Palanque. There are also numerous small fishing villages along the coasts of Queg.
Quegan nobles wear togas, middle class men wear short tunics, middle class women wear long skirts and sleeveless blouses. Common laborers and slaves wear only loincloths and headbands.
Queg is also home to a species of giant, eagle-like raptors that have been domesticated and trained to carry small riders.