Serenity Crew Questionaire

Your name is? (Is that your real name? If not how did you acquire this nickname? Do you have any titles or pseudonyms?)
Saxon Molyneux, of the Ariel Molyneuxs. Kind of a big deal.

What do you look like?
I've been told i look like old-Earth actor Jude Law

What is your style and attitude? (How do you dress and talk? Are you cultured or rim folk?)
High Class, All Style, and I've been told I have an attitude problem… something about a Problem with Authority. < shrugs >

Do you have any quirks we should know about?
None that I'm aware of.

What kind of impression do you think you first make?
The Best kind.

What is your best quality as a person? (And your worst quality? Be honest. It’s not like it’s a job interview or anything.)

Describe your personality in only two words.
I can't.

What is your romantic life like? (Orientation? A virgin? Has there been a “great love”?)
Too many "Great Loves" to count.

What do you fear? (Do you have reoccurring nightmares or dreams?)

Who do you look up to? (If there isn’t anyone now, was there someone in the past?)
Maybe the Captain, he seems like a standup sort of fellow.

What principles matters to you most?.
Freedom, Independance… and no, not the political kind.

What is your most treasured possession? Why?
Possessions are cheap, I have no real attachment to anything material.

What are your ambitions? (What are you social, professional, and romantic goals? What do you wish you could do that you can’t?)
See the Verse', and have a damn good time doing it.

Where do you picture yourself 20 years from now?
Dead, or possibly at a righteous party.

What other kinds of work have you done to pay the bills?
… what is this "work" you speak of?

What are your political and religious beliefs, if you have any? (Do you have any prejudices?)
sigh… Get over it, people. The Verse' doesn't care what you believe. Just enjoy yourself.

What were you doing during the Unification War? (How has the war affected you? Did you serve in the war?
Which side? Did you lose anyone you cared about in the war?)
My Brother was a blue collar in Alliance Intelligence, but neither the Crew nor I know much about that.

Do you have any hobbies? (How do you pass the time away?)
Wine Collecting, fast cars, & sightseeing.

What event in your life that you did are you the most proud of? Most shameful of?
Pride & Shame don't enter into it, I just live my life without regrets as best I can.

If you the player could give your character a piece of advice, what would it be?
… What the hell are you going on about? The Player? The Character? Look, I have no interest in listening to this psychologist' shǐ dàn, I you have something to say to me, I suggest you say it to my face…