Proficiency Check Difficulty Numbers

I am going to adopt the difficulty levels for ability (Stat) and non-weapon proficiency checks from 5E. The rolls will be modified by your relevant stat bonus, any situational modifiers and an additional +2 if the character is specialized in that proficiency. The modifier from the proficiency chart is applied to the target number, NOT the roll.

Difficulty Target Number
Very Easy 5
Easy 10
Medium 15
Hard 20
Very Hard 25
Near Impossible 30

So normally you would need to roll a 10 or better on a d20 for an easy task. If it was a Spellcraft roll which has a -2 modifier, you would need to roll an 8. But if it was Fungus Identification which has a +6 modifier, your target number would be 16.

EDIT- Based on feedback from the usual 1st edition players, I am dropping it and going back to the original rules