Prisoner Rescue

Michael- Human Tyr Cleric Gyles
Chris- Human Mage Altier
Mike- Elf Fighter Negral
NPC- Human Fighter Rodry

Travelling north to Verella, the party is camped out. During the last watch, a bit before dawn, the cleric snaps awake and says something bad has happened and Tyr wants him to go. The cleric leads them cross country to a small monastery with burning buildings. The gate has been blown down by fire magic and some of the people have been attacked. The inhabitants are working to fight the fires with magic and mundane means. The party pitches in to help fight the fire and heal the wounded. After the fire is put out, they talk to the locals; its a teaching monastery for priests of Torre. Some of the students and teachers were kidnapped. The party heads out, following the tracks and finds the dead body of one of the students, knifed in the back. One arm is extended and the index finger pointing, the party follows the dead man's directions and finds a clearing where the tracks show the prisoners were loaded in a wagon and the wagons and escorts on horses headed for the road. They follow the tracks and near the road, the tracks split. Two horses go north, the wagons and rest of the guards go south.
They follow along on the road and find a group of wagons stopped at a caravan rest top. They make idle chat with the various teams and think they figured out which wagons have the prisoners. That team departs heading south and the party rushes south through the woods to get out ahead and set up an ambush. But the wagons don't show and Altier sends his owl familiar to scout. the owl returns with word that the wagons took a fork in the road and are headed west. The party pursues and decides to attack after dark. They begin with Hold Person on some of the bad guys and Pyrotechnics to blind some of them. But the party is outnumbered four to one and the fighting is heavy and intense. The bad guys also have a mage who slips into the woods to start ambushing the party, but Rodry finds the mage and kills him. Eventually many of the guards are killed and the last three surrender. Searching the enemy, they find unholy symbols belonging to Liart, and a letter directing the raiders' leader to go to the city of Rye if they need assistance. The party frees the captured priests and takes them home and turns over the prisoners to the town guard at a nearby city.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
The first hour, everyone was rolling high teens on their d20s, but they needed low rolls for Perception checks
Jim "I really need to get you guys into combat"
Mike "Yeah, but with my Perception rolls I'll be like 'Look, a squirrel'."

Planning the attack, Chris admits his mage didn't memorize Invisibility
Michael <disbelieving> "You don't have Invisibility?
Jim takes back an XP chip from Chris
Jim "Lee isn't here, so I'll say it: Worst. Mage. Ever."

Mike rolls a 20 for Direction Sense
Mike "See? Squirrel."

Michael "It was a glorious battle, with lots of blood"
Jim "Mostly yours"