Power Armor Smackdown

This was a fairly simple shoot 'em up adventure, practically a hack 'n slash with power armor suits and big, big guns.

Konrad Squad Commander Yosei
Mike Trooper Dwight Irons
Matt Heavy Weapons Kerchev
Michael Sniper Lee

The player characters are a squad of the AD Police's Powered Armor team. The AD Police is a super SWAT team in Neo-Tokyo, they primarily are responsible dealing with rogue robots known as "boomers".

The team has been sent as back up for three squads of the ADP's Frontline troopers who are seizing a warehouse which is believed to hold illegal weapons, possibly combat boomers. Yosei deploys his team in K-17 suits around the building, the assault squads blow in the doors and rush inside. Gunfire erupts inside the building and the radio channels are full of shouts. Then a heavy mini-gun opens up inside and a trooper shouts "Boomer!" over the radio before being cut off. Yosei leads Dwight to a garage door, Dwight's suit kicks the door in and Yosei goes in. The building is full of casualties, but he sees something moving and opens up with his .50 caliber gatling. Sparks fly as the rounds hit an armored target, then a salvo of rockets blows his suit back out the door. The far wall of the warehouse is ripped open with more rockets and a combat robot of some kind emerges from the other side. Lee is on a rooftop down the street in sniper over watch and fires, crippling its leg. The robot deploys smoke grenades, covering the street. Lee watches for it to come into sight again while the rest of the squad rocket jumps over the building and goes in pursuit. The robot emerges from an alleyway, headed for the waterfront. The team pursues and takes it out, blowing it in half.

With the robot down, the team heads back into the building to investigate. All of the the assault squads are injured with 60% fatalities. There are eight empty shipping containers big enough to hold the mystery robot and a number of empty packing crates and mounting tools for military weapons. The enemy techs are all white and have vaguely Germanic features. Their passports are Dutch, but turn out to be fake. Police evidence teams begin gathering and sorting materials and the team heads back to HQ. The suspects turn out to be South African mercenaries, they entered the country under false IDs eleven days ago. The cargo containers arrived in Neo-Tokyo a week ago. The robots are American Sidewinder unmanned tactical frames (inspired by this artwork) which were stolen in Germany six months ago, possibly by the Russian mafia.

The team figures they must be meant for a big target, the bad guys went to a lot of effort to get everything in place now. They begin searching for a target and find out a billion dollar cargo of refined orbital materials is being delivered to Neo-Tokyo Bay Spaceport in three days, the cargo will be taken overland to a Genom production facility by armed convoy. Yosei requests that the team be assigned as back up and requisitions a helicopter transport.

On the day of the convoy, the team shadows them in their helicopter. The cargo lands safely and is loaded into the truck. There are two chase cars and three trucks of armed guards. The convoy crosses the Yokohama Bay bridge and heads out of the city. The convoy commander gets a route update, taking them to a primary detour due to a highway accident. Dwight calls the highway police, no such accident has been reported. Yosei tries to get the convoy commander to stop and the lead car hits a mine, stopping the convoy. Two Sidewinders appear on a hill and one fires two SAMs at the helicopter. The team drops from their racks and makes rocket assisted landings. The helicopter is shot down. The Sidewinders begin sniping at the stalled convoy, one of them has auto-loading mortars and blows up the tail end guard truck and shells the troops taking positions around the cargo truck. The team opens fire on the two Sidewinders, but five more emerge from cover and rake the trucks with rocket and gatling fire. The team splits and engages the two groups with Yosei leading the charge towards the convoy. The SAM and mortar units are destroyed and so are a couple of the ambush units, but three of the Sidewinders reach the cargo truck and begin ripping it open. They pull out the cargo canister and begin to flee with it, but the team pursues and guns them down.

(If the Sidewinders got away, they would have dropped the canister in the bay, where a work submarine would have picked it up. I planned to have an undersea fight with the team's suits tearing the sub apart by hand.)

Quotes and smart remarks
Chmiel wanted to open fire in the warehouse with his grenade launcher, but Konrad was concerned about friendly fire, so he fired a 100 round burst from his .50 caliber gatling gun at the robot instead:
Chmiel to Konrad "And you were afraid of me grenading our teammates."
Matt "That's ok, all of our teammates are lying on the ground…"

Matt to Konrad, in character "I am already on lowest point on totem pole, I am under YOUR command."
Chmiel "Does your suit have a fire suppression system? 'Cause you just got burned…"