Plundered Temple

After the Goblin Village, the adventurers travel to the site of a temple, where there may be an artifact that can aid them. The temple is carved into a hill, around it are the decayed remains of tents that were arrayed before the entrance. Iakin fires a fire arrow inside to see how far back the tunnel goes. Korinn takes the lead with Iakin and Remoro behind and the rest of the party follows with Kiistnoa at the rear. They encounter a pit trap and Korinn and Remoro fall in and Iakin barely catches the ledge. Korinn and Remoro search the pit, but find nothing besides a symbol of a man. The party lowers a rope and hauls them out. Kiistnoa takes the lead to check for traps and Korinn guards the rear. The next trap is blades that swing from the ceiling, there's a picture of a crocodile. Remoro suggests its like the legend of why man and crocodile hate each other, they need to go through with the first person carrying another on their back. That works and they pass to the last trap, a section of tiles on the floor and symbols on the wall above a closed door. Touching the wrong tiles or in the wrong order causes flame to shoot from the walls. Pressing the right symbols opens a door at the end, Remoro and Kiistnoa explore while the rest of the party follows in. Its a cylindrical room with a catwalk at the level of the door and a ramp leading down to an altar on the floor. The altar has a human skull, a crocodile skull, a sealed jug and a note. Kiistnoa retrieves the note with his sword, it says "The next clue lies where they croak" and is signed AC, presumably Artus Cimber who the party saved from the goblin village and later disappeared. He has beaten the party here and plundered the tomb. Remoro lifts the jug and bricks fall from the roof, striking some of the party. Tamaran is knocked down the ramp, which shocks him. After playing with the skulls and jug for a bit, the party retreats from the temple and asks their guide Qawasha about the clue. He mentions there is a village of grung, who are frog like creatures, a few days away. The party sets off to the grung village of Grunggrunglung. Along the way they encounter a pair of wights and hammer them with spell and missile fire before they can really attack the party. Their next encounter is an abandoned tree house that someone living in the jungle had made. But the treehouse is empty, one wall savaged by the claws of some large animal. A broken off claw from a lion or tiger is found. Before they reach the grung village, they are attacked by a tiger like humanoid wielding a two handed scimitar. He is quite powerful and battles the party. Kiistnoa and Tayla are engaged with it when Tamaran releases a Thunderwave spell which injures the were-tiger, but also strikes them, knocking them unconscious. Fortunately the rest of the party is able to finish the were-tiger and they are able to heal the fallen party members.
Finally the party arrives at Grunggrunglung and the natives are friendly.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks

Bricks fall and strike the party
Lee “This construction is not up to code”

Checking the wights, they have some swords
Mike "They might be worth 15gp each if someone polishes them. Maybe Jim's character can polish them"
Picking on Jim because his paladin in Lee's game is fastidious about caring for his weapons
Mike "He's a PPP; perpetually polishing paladin"

The rogue finds an animal claw in the tree house
Mike “Its from some kind of lion or tiger”
MC and Alicia “Or bear”

The party hears some kind of roaring in the jungle
Bonnie to Alicia “Was that your stomach? Are you hungry?”

Facing the were-tiger
Bonnie "He just wants someone to be his fluffer"