Planning Sessions

Okay, not an adventure, but we had a couple of get togethers to help people make up their characters, work on back stories and decide how did the characters meet. Sort of our version of the Firefly TV episode "Out of Gas". So we decided Captain Windsor bought the ship with a questionable loan. He hired Cid because he was a former blackjack with transport piloting experience. They needed a mechanic and they found Silas, he also makes a good tough guy for "Public Relations". But, Silas isn't much into technical stuff, so the captain also hired a techie wizkid named Naomi. She seems a little crazy, but she'll do. With a good ship and crew set, the captain started trading, but had trouble picking up passengers with no medic. So, at the next port they landed at, the captain went looking for a medic. A young paramedic named Ruan applied and interviewed very well and had a letter of recommendation from his last job. The captain liked him very much and hired him on the spot.

With the addition of a medic, the captain updated the ship's profile and started looking for work. Ah, here comes our first passenger. He looks like a real tough guy, but he's travelling with his seven year old daughter, how much trouble could he be?

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Doing his character questionnaire for "Lost Sheep".
Lee "I feel like I'm signing up for eHarmony"

Matt "I'm a pianist"
Emily "Whale leather or regular leather?"

Emily "Can Over Complicated Character be a Complication?"

Talking about the fact that we had two assassin characters and almost had three…
Raleigh "Yo dawg, I heard you like assassins"

Going over the chain of command and who's playing who.
Matt "What?! Michael's playing the pilot? Oh no, we're all going to die!" Michael has had bad die rolls playing pilots…

Jim was asking Kevin if his former browncoat wore his coat regularly and it ended up being admitted that Silas only wears his browncoat on Unification Day so he can have an excuse to start a fight because he likes beating up people in bars.
Jim "So you're like those fans who only support their local teams when they're in the playoffs. You're just a U-Day browncoat…"