Plague Of Zombies

JoAnne- Samurai Archer Mai
Konrad- Tattooed Monk Aoi
Matt- Shapeshifter Wu-Jen Ren
Michael- Samurai Rin
NPC- Shukenja Souta

The characters are sent by their daimyo to investigate a village attacked by zombies. They fight off the next attack and follow the zombies' trail into a neighboring rival clan's territory. They approach the other clan for permission to investigate, but end up offending them. They fight off another attack and Matt's shapeshifter wu-jen turns Invisible, crosses the border and uses his Speak with Animals ability to question the wildlife. He finds out the zombies came up river in a boat, searching downstream leads him back into friendly territory. Drag marks on the bank lead them to a cave which is being used as a lair by a penanggalan maho-tsukai. They battle and defeat the remaining zombies and their dark mistress.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Michael "There's an order for everything."

Konrad "Are you tipsy?"
Matt "No, its my feng shui."
Konrad "Yes, I see you're swaying."

Michael "Ninja zombies?"

Konrad "My monkly wisdom says we shouldn't jump to conclusions."
JoAnne "So you have monkey wisdom?"
Konrad "Don't make me throw my poo at you"

Matt to Konrad (Matt picks up a jawbreaker candy) "This is the ball" (Matt drops candy on the table) "This is what you did."

Matt "I can shoot fire from my hands but you don't believe I talked to a raccoon?"