Pirate Tales

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
After returning from Chamax, Lelan and Ysht'yelakht are detached for other missions. Talik and Quint have been helping interrogate the smuggler prisoners and Bruin has been analyzing the data he pulled from their ship. Bruin has also written a program update for XTR-MN8, XTR takes it and goes to visit his technician to have it validated and installed.
Alana, Fom, Bruin, Talik and Quint are called in for a briefing. Commodore Tane has a mission for them. Bruin's search of the smuggler's logs turned up a small pirate haven, more of a trading post, in a nearby sector. He wants the team to go in undercover to scope out the base and gather intelligence. They will be given cover identities, clothes and an armed tramp freighter from the Intelligence unit, the Black Cloud. The Jedi are given the option to conceal their lightsabers and are issued blasters as well. Bruin chooses a blaster rifle with a hidden compartment in the shoulder stock, Fom straps his to his bo-rifle, and Talik conceals hers in a thigh holster under her skirt. With the passwords and coordinates from the smugglers, Alana lifts off and takes them to the pirate haven, an unnamed and chilly world with only a numeric survey designation. They arrive at the base and are hailed, but make it through the challenges and land. The town is a collection of buildings from random sources, a few ships down in landing pits and a small scrapyard of beat up prize ships next to a small repair hangar. They have arrived in the local afternoon, the town is fairly quiet.

Walk the walk, talk the talk
Alana and Fom head to a gutted old freighter with a bar in its cargo bay and a whore house upstairs in the old passenger quarters. While they talk to the Zarian bartender, Talik slinks in after them and tries to talk to the Gamorrean bouncer, but really gets nowhere. Bruin goes to a quieter bar and diner and chats with the two headed Troig bartender and a few locals. Quint goes to the local general store and fence and haggles to sell the load of weapons, medical supplies and luxury goods they were given as a cover. Getting nothing out of the Gamorrean, Talik goes upstairs and buys an hour of time from all the whores to question them. As dusk falls, the crews of the ships in town come out for entertainment. Another ship comes in and its crew heads to the whorehouse bar while its captain goes to the diner for a quiet meal. Bruin tries to talk up the captain, a Gran named Uzu Leem. He brushes Bruin off, so Alana and Fom come over and try their luck. While they crew is at the whorehouse and the captain is at the diner, Quint and Bruin return to the Black Cloud and get their gear. They sneak to the ship, but Quint is spotted by some passersby. He does a pratfall and a good impression of a drunk and they pass on. Bruin uses Electronic Manipulation and opens the locked hatch. They sneak inside and Bruin searches for the captain's room while Quint checks the cargo bay. Bruin hacks into the ship's computer and downloads their flight logs, personal logs and such, Quint finds a locked bay and coms Bruin to open it. Inside are crates of ship ordnance, Quint conceals tracking devices in the crates. They close up the ship and return to the Black Cloud. Alana decides they've gotten enough and they depart and head back to Herdessa
Back on Herdessa, they go over the gossip they picked up. Bruin heard the Dellaeon is operating in the Thuris sector near the Llanic Spice Run. One of the whores told Talik she serviced an officer named Dash Mandell from the pirate ship Karnack which was working for Dellaeon. And Bruin and Quint got another ship's worth of stolen data. They turn in their report to the local Intelligence office, Alana charms the supply officer into letting her keep her pirate disguise.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing the inhuman background of an NPC in Matt's Call of Cthulhu campaign
Matt "That's what happens when your dad sleeps with something they shouldn't"
Jim "Hookers Man was not meant to know"

And talking about children of apathetic or neglectful parents
Matt "My parents never watched me and I turned out okay"
Jim "You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means"

Discussing space drugs
Matt "Speth, spoke, sparijuana, spanja"

Discussing pirate accessories
Kimi "How about a robot parrot?"
Jim "Last time we had a robot parrot, it didn't work out so well"

One of the shelters is some kind of mud adobe
Matt "Of course its a mud adobe; no one ever updates Adobe"

They teach Kimi the trick to good high fives, look at the other person's elbow and you'll never miss
Kimi "What is this sorcery?!"

Talik swaggers into the bar/whorehouse
Kimi "I'm green and volumptuous" She meant voluptuous
Jim "She has nice lumps"

The whorehouse bar's bartender is frog-like
Kevin "The bartender only has one head; how inefficient"

Discussing Talik's seductive personality
Jim "She has 5d6 in Force Seduction"
Lee "That sounds a little rapey"

Talik is chatting with the Gamorrean
Lee "Your charms won't work on him, your tusks aren't big enough"

The Troig bartender mentions Hela Dellaeon is trying to be a great pirate, a pirate queen
Lee "Pirate Queen sounds like an ABBA album"
Matt "Pirate Queen, young and mean"

Matt rolls poorly to sneak aboard the pirate ship
Lee "You're going to get us killed"
Matt "No, just me"

Kimi "My head tails aren't good enough for you?"

Kimi to Matt about his non-Jedi character "It's funny how you think you're as cool as we are"