Pilot's Pressure Suit Type 3

Montoya Technologies Pilot’s Pressure Suit Type 3
A space suit intended for flight personnel, the Type 3 has several features to make it useful for pilots. The helmet visor has a built in heads up display and there are connections for links to the ship’s controls to display ship information directly on the visor. The suit is covered in a special rip resistant sheath to resist damage from shrapnel. It has a long endurance life support system for extended flight missions. The suit is also far more flexible and comfortable to wear. The onboard computer will accept voice commands. There are connections to plug into the ship’s life support to avoid using the suit’s air supply. The suit is fitted with military standard rescue beacons.
The most unique features are the gloves. There is an inner layer and an outer glove which can be removed. In normal use, the wearer’s hands are covered in only the thinnest layer possible, so there is no hampering of dexterity in manipulating controls. Name and professional/service insignia can be added at no charge. Maneuvering units and extended life support are also available.

Montoya Technologies P.P.S.3
Vacuum Suit (Newtech x4) 2W armor (4W against edged weapons, shrapnel), -1 Step Alertness penalty, no penalty to Agility, 12 hours of life support, Heads up display in visor. Voice activated onboard computer and two connection ports for ship data feeds. The suit is fitted with military rescue beacons (+3 step bonus for searchers). Attachment ports for ship board life support, maneuvering units or an extended life support pack are standard. 300 credits