Pilot Rescue

After learning Lt. Vancil was sold as a slave to an illegal mining operation, the team flies to the mines location to recon the site. Landing the Shriek-Hawk out of ite, they sneak up and spy on the base. The slaves are in a large fenced in enclosure, with some old military pre-fab buildings as shelters. A shallow stream flows through the enclosure and the slaves are working in the water, panning for something. Outside the fence are a pair of guard towers with heavy repeating blasters, some buildings, a flat landing pad with a large armed hyperdrive shuttle. There are also a pair of Tri-Tracker guns, one of which is sweeping the sky with a target acquisition scanner. The team decides to attack after dark. C'athall, Varek and Hack will take control of the active Tri-Tracker and use it to attack the other guns. Leelan and Zaonderh will fly over in the Shriek-Hawk and ion blast the shuttle to disable it.
Once the ground team sneaks in, Hack goes to work on the gun controls. C'athall throws a thermal detonator into the nearby guard tower. The blast destroys the tower, knocks down part of the enclosure fence and hits the slavers' garage, starting fires and causing secondary explosions. Varek takes control of the gun, Hack is in the network and sees the other turret is out of commission. Varek fires on the slavers' quarters and blows a hole through it. The Shriek-Hawk flies over and Zaonderh blasts the other guard tower, Leelan stuns the guards with the ion cannon. Varek goes to the shuttle and starts to bring it up. Some slavers come out of the burning building and Hack blasts them with a shot from the Tri-Tracker. Leelan brings the ship in and they get the slaves organized and loaded aboard the two ships. Zaonderh spots the missing rebel pilot and pulls him out of the crowd. Leelan and Lt. Vancil will fly the shuttle to a nearby world while Varek flies the Shriek-Hawk. With so many people aboard, life support will be strained and they can only make short jumps. Lt. Vancil knows an Alliance friendly world where they can deliver the rescued slaves. Leelan donates his cash to them and they ask if any want to join the Rebellion. Six of the former slaves volunteer and they take them back to their base, along with the slavers' ship.
Back at base on Tel III, they have recovered the remains of Lt.Vancil's Y-wing and the salvage that the team bought. With some help from the base technicians, they repair the skiff they bought and work on fire control and sensor jamming upgrades to the Shriek-Hawk.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Michael has his dice laid out in a pattern on the table
Lee "Looks like you have a dice dick"

Looking at the map of the slavers' compound
Lee "Is that a fence?"

Emily "Dearest Kevin, I hope this plan finds you well"

Sneaking up on the enemy compound
Kevin "I hope we don't have a random encounter"

Discussing what they are wearing to attack
Lee "It's a black tie attack"

MC stopped in after work to bring Mike dinner
MC "I had the greatest experience at the gynecologist…"

The Star Wars end credits theme comes up on the playlist
Emily "Sorry guys, it's over"
Mike "You'll have to wait until the next episode"

Searching the enemy shuttle
Kevin "Is it packed with gold?"
Lee "It's Myrrh"

Michael wants to keep the droid from the Y-wing
Kevin "The plans in that droid are critical"
Michael "What plans?"
Kevin "I don't know"

Michael "Can I find some discreet armor"
Emily "Like from an adult store? Armor in a plain brown wrapper?"

Working on upgrading the ship
Lee "We sign up for an episode of Pimp My Ride"

Spending chips for improving skills
Lee "How do you learn Dodge <skill>?"
Jim "They take you down to the firing range and shoot at you with stun guns"
Mike "How many chips does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?"