Phobos Gauss Assault Rifle

The Ares Interplanetary Arms Phobos gauss assault rifle is a cutting edge design intended for elite Alliance troops. It is still in testing phases for the Alliance military, but some units have been issued it for field and practical usage testing.

Phobos Assault Rifle. Newtech (x4) Gauss Assault Rifle. Damage d10W, ignores 3W of armor. Range 300 feet (600 when aiming using sight), RoF 3/3 round burst/full auto, 80 round magazine. Fitted with Holographic sight with Thermal Imaging, Lowlight and laser rangefinder. The sight can also transmit images to a helmet visor heads up display by cable or wireless connection. Has standard attachment points for various accessories, such as the Deimos Micromissile pod. 200 credits