Lee ran this adventure as an introduction to D&D 5th edition. It is a section from the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign book

Dragonborn Warlock Shawunax- Chris
Tiefling Sorcerer Iados- Emily
Human Paladin Sir Conlan- Jim
Half-elf Archer Nuala- JoAnne
Tiefling Cleric Skamos- Kevin
Half-elf Bard Vincent- Matt
Elf Ranger Borean- Michael
Kobold Rogue Mixtli- Raleigh

Map of Phandalin

(We join the story, already in progress. The party had previously been hired to escort supplies to a small town near a famous lost mine which the party's patrons have rediscovered. On the journey, they discovered the patrons' abandoned wagon on the road. They follow tracks and rescue one of the patrons, the human Sildar, from goblins. But the dwarf Gundren, and his map of the lost mine are missing. They take Sildar and the supplies to the town of Phandalin.)

The party arrives and delivers the supplies then goes looking for an inn. They find out that the town is being victimized by a group of thugs, the Redbrands, and there has been at least one murder and several disappearances, including the wife and young children of the murder victim. The paladin takes Sildar and some of the party to confront the town master who tries to unsuccessfully play down the problems the Redbrands are causing. The paladin is incensed at the lack of concern for the townspeople and promises that justice will be done and threatens the town master that he may be held responsible as well. The other half of the party go to a crappy tavern that the Redbrands frequent and are attacked by four of the gang. The bard casts Sleep on two of them, the sorceror summons a fire on the thugs and they kill the others. The survivors are brought back for questioning in the town master's jail. One confesses that they have a hide out at the abandoned manor outside of town. There are some more gang members, their leader Glasstaff and what sounds like a cyclops and goblinoids of some kind.
They decide to scout the manor and find it is little more than a foundation and some scraps of walls. But there are lots of tracks and a well sealed door leading down to what might have been the manor's basement. The entire party regroups and enters the basement and finds a small dungeon complex. Something magic is hidden in the manor's old cistern, the rogue pulls up a waterproof bag with clothes, two potions and gold. More thugs attack here and in the next room and they take another prisoner. A nearby room is a jail cell and they kill the thugs guarding prisoners; its the murdered man's family. The family is freed and sent back to town. in the next room they surprise the man called Glasstaff, writing at a desk. He appears to be a wizard and has a staff made of glass. The paladin tries to take him alive, but the rest of the party is not so concerned and he is mortally wounded. The paladin has the cleric magically stabilize him, then Lays on Hands just enough to bring the man around. They gag and tie him up and search him. He has a letter from someone called "The Black Spider" directing him to cause trouble in town and capture the mine owners and discover the location of the lost mine. They search and find a large cavern which seems to be empty. The sorcerer uses thaumaturgy to make the scattered torches burn brighter, nothing. But as he leaves, he thinks he hears a whispering voice. He turns back, nothing is there. They move deeper into the dungeon and fight more thugs who were drinking and gambling. They find a second entrance to the cavern and another door. While the paladin, cleric, ranger and archer enter the cavern, the kobold opens the door and finds a room with three bugbears. The sorcerer creates fire in the doorway to bottle them up and the warlock uses his lighting breath weapon, but they throw javelins through and mortally wound the warlock. The bard heals him and gets him out of the fight. The rest of the party turns back to fight the bugbears but they have used up most of their spells and healing. They return to the cavern and something speaks telepathically to the paladin, offering treasure if they will let it go. Its a monstrous humanoid with a single eye that fills its face. The paladin offers to let it go if it swears on his holy symbol to do no harm. The creature is considering, but they get the impression it is insane and may change its mind or just forget its promise. The paladin draws his sword and they attack and defeat the monster. The cavern has a pit of the monster's refuse including human bodies. They also find the chest of treasure and collect that. Returning to town, Sildar says the wizard is the man they sent to town to keep an eye on things, he had disappeared recently. Hopefully the information in his letters and questioning him will let them rescue the missing dwarf Gundrin.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Comparing that ranged healing spells are weaker than touch spells
Lee "Its the inverse square law; its radiation"

Discussing character selection
Emily "I was going to play a bard because they learn their skills in bard college and I went to school at Bard College"

Going over the rules for how many spells you can learn, versus how many you can cast and getting tongue tied
Lee "You get five spells and can cast five times"
Jim "Three, sir!"

Choosing spells and debating Detect Poison
Raleigh "Detect Poison spell is called hireling"
Kevin "Good thing we have a kobold then"

Raleigh "What season is it?" meaning the time of year.
Lee "Season 1, but we're going to episode 2"

The chair Kevin was sitting in broke, his new nickname is "Chairbreaker"

The tieflings are twins
Emily "We do the Fred and George Weasley thing to confuse people"

Emily was looking at Kevin's character sheet and noticed he had a lot more starting equipment than her character did
Raleigh "Corporate sponsorship"

The bard is not physically impressive, but has a +5 Intimidation bonus
Raleigh "Intimidation can be more than physical, maybe he <the bard> humiliated him in a rap battle"

Looking at the map of an abandoned manor house on a hill with cliffs surrounding it
Emily "How cliffy are those cliffs?"
Lee "They don't look very cliffy"

We had terrible rolls all night, especially Jim who frequently went last and barely hit anything all night
Jim "Nine for initiative"
Lee "That's pretty good for you"
Jim "OW!" clutches chest dramatically "I Lay on Hands to heal myself"

Matt is fighting the guards holding townspeople hostage in cells in the hideout and stabs one with his rapier
Emily "You're going to rape him?"
Matt "Yeah, in a prison no less"

Lee had drawn the map late the night before after playing hockey and Jo spotted some stairs on the map that didn't belong
Lee "Ignore the stairs, I was high"

Jim misses again
Lee "Worst. Paladin. Ever"
Jim "I totally agree, I don't like the 5th edition paladins"
Jim's note: My rolls really sucked. I might have hit 10% of the time.