Perk Points

The campaign really doesn't use money, since the PCs are issued equipment from the BPRD armory, and some live in BPRD quarters, so I decided to give players Perk Points (PP) after each adventure. These points can be used to buy unusual equipment or modified weapons. In the Serenity RPG rules, we have the New Tech equipment rules, where you can buy guns that do more damage, have more range, more ammo, etc or devices that work better or are smaller. Each PP, for example, buys an upgrade to a piece of equipment. Hellboy's Samaritan pistol does at least d12 damage, that's 3 steps of damage increase from a normal pistol, which could be bought for 3 PP. PP are also needed to buy specialty ammunition, but at 1/3rd. So one load of ammunition for the Samaritan costs 1 PP (3PP x 1/3rd). Optionally, for 3 PP, you could get a pistol with 1 step damage increase from d6 to d8, 1 step accuracy bonus and 50% more range. Modified weapons do come with one load of ammo.
PP can also buy equipment, like miniaturized electronics, better body armor, tools. And, I have to think about it, but magical items are possible as well.