People of the 'Verse

What we read about the 'Verse in the game and what they say in the show suggests that the two largest populations in the 'Verse are American descended caucasians and Chinese. However, despite the fact that the show was filmed in California, there is a distinct lack of asian characters in the show (other than the extras playing the Eavesdown Docks crowds). There is also a lack of hispanic characters. We have tried to have a more appropriate ethnic mix in our games, more characters who are either asian or mixed asian descent. So, to make my life easier, I have a random ethnic background table, which I first made up for passengers for the Deadliest Cargo delves.

Roll (1d10) Background
1-3 White
4-6 Asian
7-8 Black
9 Hispanic
10 Other or roll twice

And then I have a random name chart. We have also seen some mixes regarding names, either through intermarriage or cultural background (for example, non-asians with asian first names to blend in)

Roll (1d8) Names
1-3 Both ethnic
4-5 First ethnic
6-7 Last ethnic
8 Neither ethnic