Peaks of Flame

The party returns to Kir Sabal with the Black Orchid and the Aarakocra priest Asharra performs the flight giving ritual on the party. They are able to fly by mental effort ans have a few humorous issues learning to use the new power. They decide to leave in the morning and have a last dinner with the Aarakocra. Asharra discusses their journey and mentions there are some dwarves in the Peaks of Flame who may be able to help them. But early in the morning, they are awakened by sounds of conflict, dozens of gargoyles are attacking the monastery! Asharra shows up with the pince and princess in tow, they will escape through a secret passage, the party should leave now! The party forms up and flies off into night, escaping safely from the gargoyles, and head south to the Peaks of Flame, planning to head on to the Forbidden City of Omu.
At the Flaming Peaks, the party finds a mine opening with a couple of abandoned building. One building has been attacked by something with claws, it holds supplies for the miners, spare parts for ore carts and such. The party moves into the tunnel and finds ore cart tracks descending into the mountain, spiralling down around and open shaft. Along the way they find side rooms with more spare parts and such. One room holds many dead dwarves, they were burned to death. In one room the open a concealed door behind a forge and find an odd glowing blue stone on a table. Shrieks come from the walls then spectres appear from the rock walls and attack the party. Tamaran and Therhana are badly wounded, but the rest of the party dstroys the undead quickly. Korin tries to take the glowing stone, but door closes when it is picked up. She finds an appropriate weighted piece of rubble to put in its place, but the stone becomes too hot to hold when she tries to cross the threshold. Eventually the party examines and translates the dwarven runes as "lick me". With nothing to lose, Tamaran licks it and is healed. The party puts it backs and moves deeper and deeper underground. They find a cave with more than a dozen sleeping kobolds and sneak in and slaughter them. A door on the other side of the room leads them down to a large room overlooking a huge cavern. On the wall are a score of red masks and cloaks, the party takes them in case they're useful or protective. The party moves into the cavern, which is open to the outside. There are piles of shimmering ore with some coins mixed in. A stream flows through the cave and the party folows it. Remoro climbs over one of the piles. Korinn trips over something in the water and Nanoc hits it with his great axe. A pile of ore roars and shudders and a small red dragon pulls free! Nanoc hit its tail… The party begins to panic and starts a rush back inside, maybe they can get away. Remoro turns Invisible.
The party rushes back up the tunnel, with the dragon in pursuit. At the front of the rush, Kiistnoa hears a very loud rumbling noise approaching. A giant spiked stone ball appears, rolling down the tunnel! The party throws themselves into alcoves in the tunnel wall as the ball roars past. It strikes the dragon and shoves it back down tunnel into the cavern and the ball lodges itself in the opening. Its was ap;parently an old booby trap if the dragon came into the mines. The party retreats back to the surface.
Meanwhile, Remoro is still in the cavern scooping up gold. He spots a battle axe, but it is floating on the surface of the pool instead of sinking. He grabs that as well. The dragon returns to the cave and Remoro flees before the dragon can track him down. He flies olut of the cavern and returns to the top of the mine and rejoins the party. He shares out the gold and give the axe to Nanoc. The party decides to leave the dragon behind and heads off to Omu.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing dinner with the bird people
Lee "Raw seeds and corn"
Mike "They give you a chunk of suet"

Talking about flying to the Peaks of Flame
Alicia "Because there are t-rexs, are there pterodactyls?"

Following the ore cart tracks
Jim "The railroad"
Lee "We are literally being railroaded"

People are questioning Bonnie on finding a rock, how does she know how much it weighs, could be different density
Bonnie "Holy shit, I was just looking for a fucking rock!"

Describing the kobolds
Bonnie "Lots of sleeping… assholes"

Leaving the dragon and the gold behind
Jim "We'll be back… In six or seven levels"