Passing The Stone

After the fight at the Gralhund villa, the party returns to their home with their unconscious prisoner. A [snake]] delivers a message from a Zhentarim named Istrid Horn asking about what happened at Gralhund villa. The party wants to get information from Erstul before they talk to anyone.They decide that Barakiel will use Disguise Self to look like one of the Zhentarim and they will lock the two of them in the wine cellar. Valder heals Erstul just enough to wake him up. Barakiel and Erstul talk, but Barakiel is not fully able to get Erstul's confidence. The Zhentarim are apparently splitting into factions and Erstul doesn't think Barakiel's persona is one of his faction. It sounds like he is more concerned with getting out of the city alive. Tetsuo drags Barakiel out and pretends to torture him to get Erstul to trust him, but it doesn't work. Finally, Fenriz storms in and stabs Erstul and aggravates the wound to get Erstul to talk. Erstul first says he didn't take anything from the dead gnome, but Harker feels he is lying. Fenriz offers Erstul sanctuary in his home city of Neverwinter. Finally Erstul admits he did take the Stone of Golor and went to the Gralhund villa, thinking they would help him. But they took the stone from him and Lady Gralhund gave it to some kind of magical construct to take it into hiding. He does not know where it is know. Fenriz gives Erstul money for a horse and cuts a glyph into Erstul's arm and gives him directions to reach his people in Neverwinter. Valder and Tetsuo put a hood over his head, take Erstul down the street and spin him a round a few times before taking his hood off and letting him go. Once he is safely away, they return to the inn and Valder admits he almost killed Erstul to keep their identity secret.
With some new information and questions, they return to talk to Mirt and the Harpers. They explain what happened and show them the cloth and symbol Fenriz stole from the Gralhunds'. Mirt doesn't know the symbol but will investigate and send word when he has information. Mirt does suggest returning to the temple of Gond to ask more questions about the constructs. And, when they have time, there are rumors of a group of doppelgangers infiltrating the city and possibly the Yawning Portal.
The adventurers return to the House of Inspired Hands and ask questions about how the automatons are made. They talk with Valetta again and she summons one of the constructs, who she calls Nim, short for nimblewright. She explains at length some of their characteristics and gives them a device which will allow them to detect other constructs.
The party is still looking to settle up with the drow serial killer and there is also the Grey Hand mission to talk to the dragon in the harbor. They decide to head for the dock wards, using the detector along the way. Maybe they can talk to the dragon before they go hunting the drow. But the detector leads them to the city market and the construct is hiding in a closed turnip seller's tent. It attacks the party when discovered and they destroy it. It has a city map with a mark on a building on the waterfront with the name, Grinda Garloth. They take the pieces back to Valetta who says it is very finely made, but not one they have made or are familiar with. Next the party decides to check out the location on the map and look for more nimblewrights or the drow along the way. The detector does pick up another construct and leads them to one of a pair of fancy ships tied up at the docks. Barakiel turns Fenriz invisible and he scouts the ship. They appear to be hauling some kind of circus, the ships are loaded with costumes and parade floats. The detector leads Fenriz to the captain's cabin and he finds a shut down nimblewright sitting in a corner. While Fenriz searches, some of the crew returns and approaches the party at the dockside. The ships are indeed transporting a travelling circus and the entertainers make a big deal about it while the adventurers ask a bunch of simple questions and find out there are three ships and each ship's captain has a nimblewright servant. Fenriz escapes from the ship with some gems he stole and the party leaves the entertainers behind and heads for the mark on the map. It is a small shack between a boathouse and a grounded ship, the Kraken's Folly. The Folly appears to be permanently grounded and people are living on it. The area is in very bad shape, with burned out buildings and some that are barely livable. A group of four dark clad thugs are trying to get in the shack. There is also a dwarf with a hand crossbow in place of his right hand. The party comes up behind them and they turn to attack the party. From the water beneath the docks, a merrow attacks them and throws a harpoon at Harker but misses. Fenriz blinds most of the thugs and the party attacks and begins slaughtering the thugs. Harker strikes the merrow twice, dealing serious wounds with his knowledge of killing monsters. The dwarf yells out that he will offer five gold pieces for each of their heads and a group of ten bandits with crossbows come over the edge of the Folly to attack. Barakiel sheds his normal appearance and grows glowing wings and eyes and hovers over the bandits. Fenriz takes the dwarf prisoner and tells the bandits they can have what ever the dwarf has in his purse. They agree as long as they get at least five gold each. Fenriz slits the dwarf's throat and takes his coin pouch. Alas, the dwarf only had 15 gold coins, the rest of the party contributes to make up the bandits' pay off. Valder grabs the dead thugs' weapons, Fenriz sees the dwarf has a tattoo marking him as a member of Xanathar's Guild of thieves. The door to the hut opens and Grinda comes out to thank them. Fenriz explains why they are here and she says she was given the Stone to hide, but she doesn't want to be involved. She hid the Stone in her family's mausoleum in the City of the Dead. She gives them directions and a key to open the tomb. She also takes them next door to the boathouse and shows them a large mechanical construct that she calls an Apparatus of Kwalish. She hunts treasure on the seabed in the harbor, but has been attacked by a giant shark. If they take the apparatus and defeat the shark, they can have half of any treasure they can gather from the harbor. They turn her down for the time being, since they have too much going on at the moment.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Trying to recall if anyone has heard the name of the Zhentarim contact
Lee "You can't remember"
Kevin "It's like a dream"

Discussing spells and abilities to use to interrogate the prisoner
Michael "I can cast Friends"
Lee "Friends, the well known torture spell"

Mike "I can cast Color Spray"
Jim "Taste the rainbow"
Kevin "You cast it in my mouth"

Chmiel "Your character doesn't know what my character is thinking, I barely know what I'm thinking"

The Harpers are concerned dopplegangers are infiltrating the city
Jim "We just need a hot wire and some blood samples"
Mike "Flu shot clinic at the Yawning Portal"

The Harpers will forward information to Fenriz
Mike "I will be happy to receive it"
Callum "I bet you will…"

The party tracks the construct to a closed booth in the market that sells turnips
Chmiel "That's a strange turn-ip of events"