Ouroboros Part 2

Team: Algren, Bill, Frank, Geck, Hector, Marco

After investigating the break in and murder of the Mullins family in Concord, New Hampshire, the team returns to headquarters. They do some additional research on the Fletcher family, who are believed to hold the last of the three artifacts. They fly to Trenton, Iowa to investigate. They find the Fletchers now live in a modern house, the family farm and estate was sold 50 years ago. They do not feel any supernatural essence at the house. They investigate local records and find out a cemetary was built with land from the Fletchers, next to an old Indian burial mound. They find and enter the Fletcher mausoleum and discover a hidden crypt underneath. In one of the sarcophagi they find a crate holding arcane paraphenelia including the pendant. The demon possessed wizard from the first home in Plymouth arrives and attacks with magic. The team attacks him and tries to subdue him to exorcise the demon. Unfortunately, it jumps to Frank and they are forced to attack Frank. Hector pulls out a relic, the Bell of Saint Anthony, and uses it to subdue Frank long enough to exorcise the demon.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Emily "I'm like the world's worst 40 year old woman"
The party found some old spellbooks
Mike "It's not the Necronomicon."
Jim "You can't read Latin, so how do you know its not?"