Algren, Bill, Frank, Geck, Hector, Maaria, Marco, Max

The team is called in after a multiple homicide with occult involvement is reported in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They are sent to an old mansion belonging to descendants of the Mayflower pilgrims and find a hidden summoning chamber with a flawed circle and ritual sacrifice, books of dark magic. The summoning chamber has modern paint over old writings, it looks like it was a warded chamber, the wardings were obliterated to make a summoning chamber. The owner of the house has disappeared, the wife and house staff have been murdered. The team decides it was a demon summoning gone wrong, the owner may be possessed by the demon. In one cabinet an item is missing, possibly a ring judging from the impression on the cushion.
They go to the morgue and examine the bodies. One has been burned by a fire spell and another killed with a dagger that says "Order of Ouroboros". During the examinations, the bodies come back to life as zombies, the team is forced to destroy them. The team heads back to BPRD headquarters to do research. They decide the ritual was meant to summon the demon Bifrons. The Order of Ouroboros was a secret society at the time of Charlemagne who defeated one of Charlemagne's enemies, a Bavarian sorcerer named Boerthius. The order executed him, then captured his soul and split it in thirds and bound the three pieces of his soul in a ring, goblet and pendant to prevent his reincarnation. The items were last known to be in England around 1200AD.
Then they get a report of another mass-homicide in Concord, New Hampshire. They find a home invasion of an old mansion belonging to the family of more Mayflower descendants. The father was killed by magic and held another Order of Ouroboros ritual dagger. Geck smells traces of the missing man from Plymouth. They find a hidden chamber in the basement which has been booby trapped with a trio of hellhounds waiting for the chamber to be opened. They kill the beasts and see that this chamber is intact. A cabinet has been broken into and an object taken, looks like a goblet from the impression on the cushion.
Max and Frank stop by the emergency room for hellhound wounds. The team goes to the morgue and Maaria attempts a ritual to speak with the dead father. His body goes zombie for a minute, then goes back to rest when she stops. They decide to have Hector do Last Rites on the bodies to purge the zombie curse, then Maaria tries again. The spirit tells them the last piece of the set, the pendant, is in the possession of the Fletcher family in the Midwest.

Quotes and smart remarks
Niels "Looks like someone fell off the Occultists Anonymous Wagon"

Konrad "We don't have a leader per se, just a loose congregation of crazy people"

Mike "It was a Lennonism."

Konrad to Matt about Matt's 80 year old, half-fey gypsy "You're not retarded, you're senile"

Emily "Its not being detail orientated, its overplanning"

Kevin "Unless someone has a spell to talk to pillows, we're out of luck."

Mike "Hellhound dust, don't breathe it. It does blend"

Niels, after refusing to try a seance again "I don't know what the spirit world is like, maybe they talk to each other. I don't want them to say 'This girl's a total bitch'".

Jim "Shiiitttt!" When Niels does a seance to find out who has the last piece. That was supposed to be part of the next adventure.