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I am currently (March 2013) running my third AD&D campaign for the Meetup and getting ready to start my second Serenity campaign. I'm still running Cowboy Bebop delves and a Hellboy/BPRD game could happen if I get a good idea. I still owe Konrad a Black Company delve, I need to fit that in somewhere.

I may need to change things up at some point. I am probably not going to run a fourth AD&D campaign in a row, unless I come up with a new good idea. The third campaign is testing me, as I have used up a backlog of ideas and almost completely run all my old stuff through the recycler. In short, I may need a break.

So, I'm thinking about other possibilities. There's always Traveller, which was the second RPG in that I picked up in junior high school and always used to love. I have to admit Serenity has probably usurped Traveller's place in my GM's heart, but alot of that is because its a wonderful, well-loved and popular setting and easy to play and have fun with. Traveller is a lot drier and would be harder for people to get a grasp on, but also has more possibilities than Serenity because it has a more diverse setting (multiple intelligent alien species, and worlds full of alien life). Traveller would have some of the same problems our Space:1889 campaign did; namely that it was hard for the players to grasp and absorb the setting. I'm sure my Serenity players could bring a lot of fun to a Traveller game. Some of them have played a couple Traveller Delves.
Of course, the big appeal of Traveller is the setting, not really the rules, which are now over 35 years old. Running Traveller with the Serenity/Cortex rules is certainly a possibility that would ease my players' transition. Hmm, need to start thinking about that…

And then there's Star Wars D6, which is another fun game system and a well known setting. I have to admit, Joss Whedon and Firefly almost completely overcame my childhood love for Star Wars. The writing and acting and humor of Firefly is so much better than almost all of Star Wars that its hard to watch Star Wars now. But the Star Wars SETTING is another wonderful choice for an RPG campaign. Lots of aliens, cool ships, droids, magnificent villains. So a Star Wars D6 campaign would be another good possibility. Star Wars combines the diverse setting advantage with a setting people are easily able to associate with.

Looking at other games I have on the shelf, Conspiracy X is a maybe, but I've never cared for the rule system. I definitely wouldn't mind running that with Serenity/Cortex rules. I also have FASA's old Star Trek RPG, which I have run some adventures for way back. The problem there is Star Trek is not as popular with my players as Star Wars and way, way behind Firefly. Also, my preferred time period would be after the original series, around The Wrath of Khan but the players I have talked to want something more modern, such as The Next Generation or Deep Space 9. I have run a few delves for Cyberpunk 2020 and probably will again.

I also thought about a zombie apocalypse game, since it seems all my players are zombie fans, but I'm really not, so I don't know if I could write a good enough game.

Well, I just wanted to put some thoughts down, we'll see what the future holds…

Its December 1st 2013 and my third AD&D campaign Secrets of Blackveil wrapped last night. My Big Damn Medics campaign fell apart but we're hoping to revive it and I am also planning a new Serenity campaign in the New Year.

January 2014
We decided to put a stake through Big Damn Medics and are moving on to a new Serenity game, Lost Sheep.

September 2014
I am planning an Oriental Adventures AD&D 1st ed. game. I haven't decided if I'm going with the default setting (Kara-Tur), using Rokugan from L5R/D&D 3rd ed. or making up a generic Japanese setting.

October 2014
I am making up a new setting, using the country names and descriptions from Kara-Tur modified to fit on a real map of Japan.

December 2014
The Oriental Adventures campaign Blood Vengeance is underway. And today I was thinking about steampunk. I might have to think about that some, maybe not space steampunk like our Space:1889 campaign but perhaps a Hellboy/Cthulhu/monster hunters steampunk game set just on Earth.
And space sci-fi is on my mind too. As much as I love Firefly/Serenity, the setting is pretty limited in some ways: no intelligent aliens, alien creatures, sentient robots, stuff that Traveller, Star Wars and Star Trek abound with. Maybe after Lost Sheep I will take a break from the 'Verse and do something else. I might stick to Cortex rules, but use another setting. Maybe a space exploration team such as Traveller's Imperial Scouts or a Star Trek survey ship and crew from the Federation, expanding the Federation's borders. If I did Star Trek, it could be "modern" (ie, post Voyager, etc) but in a new area.
Future Serenity
Star Trek thoughts

August 2015
I thought I was about to end my Serenity campaign Lost Sheep, but over the weekend most of the players were at a cookout at my place and decided they wanted the campaign to continue. So for now, Lost Sheep and Oriental Adventures Blood Vengeance will continue and future campaigns are on hold. Which is fine because I was getting nowhere.

October 2018
Rebellion is almost done, and I don't care about Blood Dawn any more, really. I am working on ideas for a campaign using the new Expanse RPG or I may use Serenity rules.

April 2019
The Expanse RPG came out last month, four months late. And lousy. My setting will use modified Cortex/Serenity rules and the first campaign has launched. EDIT- And it lasted 3 adventures because half the people who were hot for it dropped out before we started.

I am thinking about running 5E for some new players, I even bought the 5E Monster Manual. I may finally be retiring my AD&D games… But, if I do run a 5E campaign, I am considering still using my Aarenis campaign setting and I will be making some changes.