Other Funny Stuff

This is a page of genre related funny stuff, but not quotes from our games.

For your amusement, we present:
Death Star Janitor
Mos Eisley Pharmacist

I shared this on Facebook years ago, but never put a link to it on the wiki:
Things Mr. Welch is no longer allowed to do in an RPG

The Monty Python "Cheese Shop" sketch redone as:
Game Shop Sketch
Polearm Shop Sketch
And now, thanks to Jack inspiring me, we have the Magic Shop Sketch.

My random "That's what she said!" table and some terrible Mandalorian Jokes.

Brittany shared a meme of Fantasy band names on Facebook and I had to add a pile. Chmiel asked me to share it here.

How did I never post this here?! My old Redneck D&D

I saw this online, added some of my own, Scientist Halloween Puns.