Other Fish in the Sea

(A very mini adventure, more of an extended encounter. I have wanted to get Wilks to a Fish tournament for awhile, and we did some other character background stuff)


After the crew reunites on Osiris following the events of Relief Team, the crew has some news for Captain Sata. Wilks and Howard have another cargo container in the hold, mounted to the wall vertically. Inside is a micro brew unit that Howard assembled and Wilks has moved on to making his own beer. The crew also has a couple of requests for Sata.

Deal Me In

Wilks asks if the ship can make a short layover on Santo so he can play in a Fish tournament and Lennon would like to make a stop on Zephyr in Kalidasa to see Dr. Liz. After some reluctant calculation, Sata agrees and picks up a small cargo for Santo. When they reach Santo, Wilks signs up for the tournament and Lennon takes Lovely Rita on a trip to Bernadette to visit his sister's family but Sata sends Howard along to make sure Lennon can really fly. The trip to Bernadette is uneventful, Howard spends some time at the Rough Landing spaceport bar catching up on rumors. Lennon returns with only hours to spare before the the tournament.

Wilks makes it to the third round before being eliminated at the end of the first day. Wilks, Lennon, Sata and Lang Ye return the next day to watch. At the tournament, they spot a young asian couple being hassled by a trio of thugs. The girl looks a little like Tao-Shu to Wilks. One of the thugs decks the young man, another slaps the girl when she cries out. The crew leaps into action, taking the thugs by surprise. Lang snatches up a sonic mop and sweeps the legs from under one guy, then smacks him on the head and knocks him out. Wilks smashes another in the head with a beer bottle and Lennon finishes him with a chair. Sata grabs the last one in a full Nelson and immobilizes him.

At this point, security for the tournament shows up. Six big guys in full armor and helmets, carrying 2 foot electric cattleprod/clubs. [That was a fun improvisation, because the players were all like "Oh my God, how mean is the Security at a Fish game??"]

Sata speaks to them and explains in a commanding tone what happened. The leader pulls out a datapad and watches the replay from a security camera and agrees. He tases the one Sata is holding and they take the thugs away with an apology to Dr. O'Boogie. The crew talks to the young couple and learns they are lovers trying to flee their families to elope. Sata decides to leave the tournament and they take the couple aboard their shuttle and return to the Yellow Submarine.

Running Away

Aboard ship, they question the couple, Ang Lin and his fiancee Shao Yu. The crew, especially Sata, are concerned they may have gotten mixed up in something with Tong connections. Yu says her father owns Shao Shipping, the men were some of her father's dockworkers. Lin's family does have some Tong connections, but very minor, his father is a retired street enforcer. The couple is trying to run away to Boros or Beaumonde where Lin can find a job as an electrical engineer and they can get married. They offer to pay for passage off planet. Sata accepts, the crew finished loading cargo and the ship departs for the Kalidasa system.

A few days out, Yu approaches Sata and in a roundabout way asks him if, as the captain of a ship underway, he could marry them. Sata reluctantly agrees, Howard prints out the required forms, Lennon gives the two a medical exam and Jackson signs the documents as a witness. Lennon does the best he can with the ship's supplies to make a wedding feast.