Orie Deramus

Orie Deramus was born in the city of Waterdeep under grim circumstances. She was born to Roswitha (Roz) Deramus a barkeep at the Yawning Portal Tavern.

Roswitha had worked the bar since she was old enough to pour a drink. She was among the most hospitable and kind of all the staff. Not only did she remember each and every individuals names, but would have their drink ready before the words could leave their mouth. Some thought of her as having some kind of psychic abilities, where as others just thought of it as no more than a parlor trick. Truly, she was people person at heart, able to please the grumpiest of misers and turn them to frugal friends. She had worked there for such a period of time and grown such a reputation for being so magnanimous that she only had to work shifts in the day light hours. You see, she had always been warned of the tavern at night and the access to the undermountain. Many dark tales had been contrived from prior staff experiences ending in death or sometimes worse. Roz never wanted to become another tale lost to the tavern so she made every effort to avoid working in the darkest of hours.

Despite her best efforts, after working her typical afternoon shift, both of her relief staff never showed. She waited and waited until it was clear that they were not coming in for their shift. It was her and only her for a bar full of rowdy thugs. Just after Midnight the bar began to run low on provisions and had to journey to the cellar. Upon entering the basement, she could hear a low whistle that is she listened long enough sounded as though it would siphon all of her joy and happiness away. As she rounded the corner to a large stock pile of barrels, she stopped dead in her path as laid eyes on a drow perched neatly a top the highest barrel. He sat tall and proud with his legs crossed as he sipped from the misappropriated cup full of mead. It was at that moment that Roz tried to run, but it was too late, she had already become victim to the affects of his spell. paralyzed he decided to first take advantage of her, every moment reminding her that it would be her last. He finished her off by strangulation…. or so he thought.

After 4 weeks in in the House of Healing in the Northward, she recovered nearly all her strength, expect for her legs that due to the spell were beyond repair. She was forever bound to a cart and although eternally and deeply damaged from the experience, she would not let it break her. She returned to work as if she didn't miss a beat. As the months went on, her belly grew. She knew deep down what was coming and prayed day and night that her child would not be the product of her hate.

9 Months later, Orie was born. A half-elf, who looked nearly identical to her mother. As Orie grew older, her mother worried about her future and wished that she not take on the life she had. She wanted for to be able to defend herself, become strong, and live a life free from serving others. So she made the difficult decision to send her away to be trained by the Umbra Guild. This would not only give her the training needed to become strong and defeat her most terrifying foe.

At the age of 7 Orie was cast into the Underdark by her mother. Unable to fully comprehend why, she was forced into a guild against her will. She lived among dwarves, learning to hunt, forage and fight. Most importantly she learned her hate for the drow. On her 18th birthday, she received a letter from her Mother explaining what happened and why she had forced her into a guild. A the end of the letter she apologized and told her that she did not have much time left in this world. By the time Orie made it to the surface, her mother was gone. Deeply angered and saddened by Roz's words, she went back to the Underdark with rage burning in her heart to devote her life to that of a Gloom Stalker.

After 20 years in the Underdark, Orie emerged at the yawning portal, a most familiar of settings. To fulfill her mother's wishes to the fullest of extents, she decided to work at the yawning portal guarding the citizens from the horrors of the underdark and most importantly search for opportunities to become strong.