Beaumonde Downtime
The Britannia is on Beaumonde after the attempted salvage of the plague ship Zebrina. Ruan has passed his quarantine and shows no signs of infection, but Shuttle 2 is purged again just to be sure. They have a brief layover on Beaumonde while Captain Windsor and Tai look for work. Ruan goes out and can't help himself, he ends up in his usual gift shop and gets another snow globe. After Tai gets a cargo of electronics headed to Ariel, he decides to see if he can get a little extra cargo from his tong contacts, no questions asked. They provide a small cargo and Tai bribes Junior to take his truck and get it and Tai makes sure the captain doesn't see it loaded. They take off for Ariel and Naomi handles plotting the course. It starts out as a smooth trip, Silas and Lothel have the ship running smooth.

Ariel Bound
Midafternoon on the third day, Windsor pages everyone to the aft cargo bay, he has found Tai's cargo and is holding his cricket ball. He begins questioning the crew and sends Silas, Naomi and Lothel away when they don't know anything. He questions Tai and Junior further, then sends Junior away after he admits he just picked the crates up for Tai. He keeps Ruan to make sure Tai is telling the truth and also as a threat to Tai. Ruan is not happy, but obeys orders. Tai admits he brought the cargo aboard and that he doesn't know what is in it. Windsor gets a crowbar and opens the crate, it's illegal street drugs, at least ten thousand credits worth. Tai doesn't like drugs and he is dismayed at the contents. Windsor orders Tai to move the crates up to the main cargo bay and space them, he's back on probation. (GM's note #1: Lee was absent so I was running his character and may have come across a little harsher than Lee would have)

Face in the Crowd
The ship arrives on Ariel after a very smooth journey and Windsor gives everyone leave and takes off to find some trustworthy company. Silas goes drinking and Junior hits a casino. Ruan invites Naomi out to dinner, but Lothel manages to talk her way into coming along. They go out to dinner, then find a rave and get some uppers from someone in the crowd. About three in the morning, they end up at an all night bar Naomi use to frequent when she lived here.
Looking across the crowd, Naomi spots a man she knows, Tang Shan, the recruiter for the organleggers that she double crossed and ran out on. Naomi hides and sends Lothel over to talk him while she and Ruan try to figure out what to do. Ruan calls Silas, Junior and Tai to come meet them at the bar. But they don't tell Lothel what's happening and her sweet and cheerful attitude is on overdrive from the uppers, so she talks to Tang and eventually gives up Naomi and Ruan. Tang looks up and meets Naomi's eyes and recognizes her. Naomi tells Ruan to follow him and she goes outside and runs into the alley. Tang follows her out and Ruan follows him. The rest of the crew arrive just in time for Tai to see Ruan follow Tang. In the alley, Tang draws a pistol on Naomi and Ruan shoots him in the back of the head and kills him. They search him, taking his pistol and wallet and throw him in a dumpster, go back and get everyone else and return to the ship. Ruan wants to go back and do soething about the body and asks Junior to brew up some acid. He is still drunk, but concocts some and Ruan takes a taxi back to the bar and dumps the acid on Tang's face and hands, then returns to the ship. Naomi goes through Tang's wallet and finds business cards for a private medical clinic.
In the morning, the Captain returns, very chipper from his date and starts giving orders. Silas is sent to take care of replenishing the ship's supplies, Ruan to get some medical supplies since they are on Ariel. Naomi and Lothel are to prep the ship while he and Tai look for cargo. Junior is to get ready to load cargo. While Ruan is shopping, he goes by the clinic to investigate and finds the local security are more like criminal thugs than rentacops. When he returns, he asks Junior to talk to his contacts. Junior agrees, if Ruan will take his place loading cargo. Ruan agrees and Junior takes off. Windsor and Tai return with the cargo for Silverhold in Red Sun and Ruan explains he is filling in for Junior. Windsor puts Ruan to work driving a forklift and he immediately bangs up the cargo hatch. While he finishes loading, Windsor calls Lothel down to fix the hatch. Once the cargo is loaded, Windsor tells the crew they have a launch window in three hours, so get ready to leave. Junior returns and tells Ruan and Naomi his syndicate contacts don't know anything about the clinic. They haven't told the captain yet and decide there isn't time to do anything now, so they will keep it quiet and fill him in later.

(GM's note #2: I came up with the idea Thursday night right before I turned out the lights and was only able to work on it for a few hours Friday night and then finish it Saturday morning. I only had a few hours for the worst case scenario and plot hole review afterwards. Two of my rules for writing adventures are: don't make a single point failure for the plot (example: don't write a story where they have to pick a lock if no one has lock picking skill) and if you think of X number of things the players might do, they will come up with X+1 possibilities. I was worried they might not take the bait of seeing Tang in the bar. I never expected that they might KILL him before he served his purpose of setting the plot fully in motion. So I didn't realize I had written in a single point failure. Raleigh had Naomi go through Tang's wallet looking for clues and I realized he should have some business cards to give to potential recruits to send them to the clinic and the adventure was back on track. But, it was late when they scoped out the clinic and planning and playing out the raid on the clinic would take too long, so the characters were forced to abandon it in order to make their scheduled lift off. And, at that point, the captain was still in the dark. So, it's sort of a failure. But, failed adventures are a good thing from time to time. Always succeeding easily is like playing a video game on god mode; there's no challenge or thrill and it can get boring. Failing occasionally is realistic and can motivate the players to do better next time. I think the next adventure will be something else and they will have to come back to Ariel for another shot at the organleggers in the future…)

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing Emily's idea of Locke and Saffron teaming up
Matt <Saffron> "I can't con you because you can read my mind" <Locke> "I can't con you because you…"
Michael "…have a vagina"

Comparing Branca Menta to Fernet Branca
Emily "It's like being punched in the mouth with a mint"
Raleigh "Liquid Altoids"

Discussing concealing explosives
Matt "You can fit a lot of C4 in a wiener dog"
No one wants to hurt the ship's pet dog, so make a robot
Raleigh "A wiener drone?"

Michael's character buys Captain Windsor some of the 'verse's most expensive tea as an apology
Emily "It's like the saffron of tea"
Raleigh "What, it infiltrates your ship and hijacks it?"

Lothel gives Ruan a fancy high tech snow globe she bought on Ariel
Jim "It's a Newtech x4 snow globe"

Matt "I've seen movies"
Jim "But not many"

The appetizers at the bar were great
Michael "You have to go, you have to go to flavortown"

Discussing that they messed up killing the organlegger
Michael "Ruan, read your mind and figure out what happened"

Talking about going back to the scene of the shooting
Matt "Isn't going back to the scene of the crime what criminals do?"

Emily slips up and mentions "the body"
Matt "You killed someone! Who needs to be psychic?"

Ruan asks Junior for some flesh dissolving acid, he is still buzzed
Matt "Stand back, I'm drunk sciencing"

Everyone is tired
Allison "I'll be in my bunk"

Emily thought the mules kept their own organs, and they had two livers, hearts, etc, etc.
Allison "You would have a huge abdomen"
Matt "Naomi is a Time Lord"

Raleigh "We killed the best evidence we had"
Jim "Oops"

Discussing attacking the organlegger's clinic, maybe with the ship's railgun
Kevin "Who doesn't deserve to be blown up…wait, what are talking about?"