Alliance Orca class Corvette
(Note- the Orca is based on the Ocula class ship from the Cortex Shipyards. I do not know where the name Ocula comes from and I do not know what an Ocula is. Some kind of derivative of "eye" in Latin? So I picked a similar sounding name that would be easy to pick other ship names for. Like most of the warship designs I have found online, the Ocula was flawed; her stats don't match the design system and as per usual, she has no missile launchers. My design uses the published design as a start point. She is also described as an Electronic Warfare ship. In most settings, that is a very specialized design and the Serenity setting does not call for such a craft. In my campaign, the Orca is a small warship with excellent sensors, it's the smaller ship with the ring around her midsection seen in the Reaver battle at the end of the movie Serenity.)

48,000 ton Corvette
Agi d6 Str d8 Vit d6 Ale d12 Int d10 Wil d8
Athletics d4, Perception d6, Pilot d4 Covert d6
Lifepoints: 16

Speed Class: 5 Hard Burn: 8
Armor 4W (Newtech, 1/2 normal weight)
Fuel: 720 hours at SC5
Crew: 48
Troops: 80
Weapons: 4 1/2 ton missile launchers, 4 250lb missile launchers, 4 50lb railguns (d8), 6 1lb cannons (d6 vehicle)
Ammunition: 400 railgun rounds, 6000 cannon rounds, 80 1/2 ton (medium range d6) missiles, 64 100lb (short range d4 jammer, decoy or anti-fighter) missiles
Gear: 2 20 ton Short range shuttles, 2 100 ton Titan class Dropships, 60 1 man lifepods
Cargo: 1,618
Cost: 6,611,960 cr including shuttles
Annual maintenance: 230,400 cr/year

Complexity: 48 Very High
Sharp Sense (Passive Sensors) (m)
Covert (m)
Fast Throttle (m)
Born to the Black (M)
Hooked (electronic parts) (m)

The Orca class is intended as an escort for larger warships. Her sensor system is the best available, allowing her to detect threats at greater ranges than any other ship in the 'Verse. She also has very good stealth characteristics allowing her to lurk or approach targets undetected. However, these capabilities come at a cost and her electronics have a very high maintenance schedule; many parts have short operational lifespans. She carries two platoons of troops and a pair of large drop ships, allowing her to carry out boarding missions or groundside interventions.