Orbit City

(GM's note: Based on material from Megatraveller adventure "Orbit City" by Robert J. Cosgrove in Challenge Magazine #48)

After returning from the attack on garrison construction site on Genesia, Varek and the other wounded are treated and returned to duty. General Reskan holds an award ceremony for the team. They are given a unit citation for their efforts leading to the destruction of the base. Varek gets a wound stripe for surviving his injuries, Zaonderh, Leelan and Hack are given individual awards for their actions and C'athall is promoted and everyone gets a bonus.
Their next mission should be a little easier, hand deliver orders to a spy on the Demar Highport in the Demar system and retrieve his information. The team flies to Demar and meets the spy Pino Romero, code name "The Executive", in a bar. Leelan stops outside for a prayer break. But during the meeting, four stormtroopers, an Imperial officer and a local corporate security officer come to arrest him. Zaonderh tries to stage a drunken distraction, spilling drinks on another patron. Hack apologizes to the officers, trying to get them away. They decide to arrest Pino, Hack and Zaonderh so Varek and C'athall leap into action. From across the bar, Varek shoots one of the stormtroopers twice in the back of the neck and blows his head off. C'athall knocks the helmet off of a stormtrooper and stabs him in the throat. Zaonderh shoots the two officers in the face, dropping one and wounding the other. Varek shoots another stormtrooper, but is shot and knocked out by the last one. C'athall grabs that stormtrooper and breaks his neck, Leelan runs in from outside and shoots the last officer. They decide they need to get off station, Pino says he can lead them to their ship. Hack grabs the local officer's datapad and starts sending in false reports. Running outside, Pino spots a local Imperial informant talking on a commlink, Pino shoots him and leads the team into a maintenance accessway and heads for a cargo lift to go down to the hangar decks. Unfortunately, it takes them into the territory of a local Nautolan gang. They get in a scuffle with two thugs and one of them chops off Zaonderh's right leg below the knee with a vibroaxe. They kill the two thugs, get Zaonderh stabilized and Leelan makes a litter with the vibroaxes. Pino directs them another way and they descend to the hangar deck.
There are guards near the hangar bay access and the station is in lockdown. Using the officer's captured datapad, Hack tries to arrange approval for the ship to take off, but can't. He does get into the controls for the nearest tractor beam mounts and lock those out. Leelan offers to sneak aboard the ship to check it out. He does a masterful job of getting past the guards and gets aboard to find two technicians are trying to open the ship's logs. He gets a stun grenade from the weapons locker and tosses it onto the bridge. He cuffs the techs, gives the signal to the rest of the team and starts powering up the ship. When everyone is ready, Leelan shoots the hangar guards with the ion cannon and the team rushes onboard. They get ready to fly, Leelan at the controls, Varek and C'athall manning the guns. They shoot from the hangar and flee for distance to jump into hyperspace. A group of TIE fighters pursue them, but the gunners keep them off their back until Leelan can jump to hyperspace.
They return to base with Pino and the two prisoners. Zaonderh and Varek are taken to the infirmary again. Commander Gion agrees their last two missions have been rough on them, she offers a routine mission carrying ammunition and parts to the fighter bases since they used up a lot of torpedoes on the attack against the Star Destroyer at Genesia.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing getting a team tattoo and a name for the team
Kevin "Team Rebel World Police"
Would Leelan accept Mirialan tattoos on other races?
Emily "Can I roll to understand my own spirituality?"

Making up a code name for Chmiel's guest character
Lee "Sphincter"
Chmiel "The Executive"

Discussing going to a bar to meet the spy
Chmiel "Only these guys could overplan going to a bar"

Four stormtroopers, a local corporate security officer and an Imperial officer come to arrest the spy
Chmiel "At my best, I could only take three"

Chmiel botches his roll to stay calm
Kevin "You're the worst spy ever"

Zaonderh spills a drink on another bar patron and pretends to be drunk to start a distraction. Hack tries to apologize to the arrest squad
Mike "That is the most Canadian response ever"

C'athall attacks a stormtrooper
Mike "I am going to go John Wick on him"

Half the time Jim says "forgery", Lee hears "poetry"
Kevin "His forgery is so good, its poetry"

Chmiel's character shoots the informant
Chmiel "Snitches get stitches"

Zaonderh is trying to negotiate with some local thugs for safe passage
Emily "He's going to end up in a trunk"
Michael "This is a trunk adventure" Half the adventures, Zaonderh gets shot, the other half he ends up kidnapped in a speeder trunk

Talking about upgrade options for Zaonderh's cyberleg
Lee "I'm going to put wi-fi in your leg"
Chmiel "You'll get knee-mail"

Emily rolls a 31 to Sneak
Kevin "The shadows are hiding in you"

The next mission is supposed to be easy
Lee "It's a milk run. A blue milk run"