"On the table, Eli"

Long ago, I used to game in my apartment around the small coffee table in the living room. One of my players, Eli, would always roll like we were playing on a ping pong table, so half his rolls would go on the floor. And we would say "On the table, Eli". It got to be such an accepted thing that whenever ANYONE rolled their dice off the table, we would say, "On the table, Eli". That was over 15 years ago. Then, a couple years back, I was playing with Drew Smith at a Meetup game and someone rolled off the table and he said "On the table, Eli"… I was shocked, so I asked him where he heard it from. He said he heard from one of the other GMs, Tim Hannon. Tim was a roommate of mine about 12 years ago, so he picked it up from me, shared it with his players and it came full circle all the way back to me. Drew didn't even know who Eli was or where the story came from.