On the Hunt

After fighting the ogres and lamia, the party continues their pursuit of the vampires on their journey to Ifoss. But along the way they spot crows and vultures in the woods and investigate. They find the body of a gnome, killed by vampires. It is Wylie's missing love, Coyot. Wylie falls to her knees and cries over the body and a raccoon approaches from the woods and hands her a folded and sealed letter. Part of it is Coyot's last words, information he has learned from the vampires. There are three of them traveling to Ifoss to meet another after meeting with the drow. They speak of the coming Blood Dawn, when they will no longer need to fear the Sun. Coyot hopes to get close enough to kill the vampires while they sleep during the day. If he has failed, he asks for his body to be taken home.The back of the letter is a good bye letter for Wylie. They pick up Coyot's body and at the next town, Wylie buys a mule to carry his remains home and she leaves to return to the gnomish lands.
A few days later, the party has entered the foothills of the Dwarfberg Mountains. During a heavy rain,they hear the calls of strange animals, like an eagle that is trying to bark like a dog. They take up ambush positions in the woods.Out of the rain come four strange creatures, they have feathered eagle heads and birdlike forelegs on a brown dog like body. And they are huge, five feet tall at the shoulder. They charge into battle, attacking with their huge beaks and taloned forelegs. Ragnar casts Bless on Clare and Rorgan and stands in the road to attack. Duma attacks from one side. Wittr summons a Moonblade beside Roskva, they are attacked by two more beasts that have snuck up behind them. Clare and Duma charge from battle to battle, fighting the beasts that are attacking their fellow party members. Eventually the beasts are slain by force of arms and spells.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Kimi finishes one of the monsters
Kimi "I killed one!"
MC "I think I killed three…"
Kimi "Did you just humble brag?"

Kimi "Suck my big barbarian labia"