On Patrol In Toledo

Team: Algren, Hector, Xander
Date: September 8th, 2012

The team is briefed by Professor Corrigan, the BPRD has been watching Cleveland after a slight increase in missing persons reports. She shows them a video clip collected by a reality TV show film crew riding along with local police officers. It shows the police approaching an apparently homeless man cannibalizing a woman. When the police confront him, he chants a spell in arabic. The police officers turn and shoot the camera crew, then they hear two simultaneous shots as the police officers kill each other.
The team heads to Toledo and investigates the scene, which has a lingering aura of black magic. They visit the coroner to examine the autopsies. The victim who was being eaten died before she was attacked, no apparent cause of death. There is a lingering aura of dark magic on her as well. The film crew were killed by the police officer's shots, the two police shot each other in the forehead simultaneously.
Next the team investigates the first victim's apartment to see if there are any clues to tie her to occult happenings and they investigate the police officer's backgrounds. They request headquarters to send them a ritual expert, so professor Maaria Krete is flown in. Once Maaria arrives, they try a seance at the crime scene and speak to the ghost of one of the officers. All the ghost can say is he was compelled to shoot the film crew and his partner, he did not want to do it.
Now the team begins to canvas the area, checking homeless shelters and soup kitchens. They get some leads and head to an abandoned industrial park nearby. Xander and Hector both feel the presence of magic near a building, Algren finds a padlocked door that the lock is broken on and they go inside. They are attacked by a pair of zombies which they quickly dispatch. Exploring the abandoned factory, they find a pentagram and other occult items including an old arabic book of magic, human skulls and jars of eyes and severed tongues. There is a sleeping nest of bloody clothes and scattered human bones.
They are attacked by more zombies and the sorcerer. He is mostly invisible behind an illusion, he strikes Hector with a magic ray of necromantic force and attempts to hit Hector again and Xander as well. Hector uses a Potion of Falcon's Tears to allow him to see through the sorcerer's illusion. As the team is finishing his zombies, the sorcerer attempts to charm the party into attacking each other. Algren succumbs and grapples Hector with his chain hand, then shoots him, wounding Hector severely. Xander goes into Blood Rage and cleaves the sorcerer with his sword, then rips his head off. The spell controlling Algren ends and they call for help. Maaria comes in from the van outside and stabilizes Hector so they can get him to a hospital.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Emily to Konrad as his character rode his motorcycle "Are you wearing your assless chaps?"
Konrad "ALL chaps are assless!"
Kevin "Otherwise they'd be pants."

Konrad "I don't often sexually harass people."
Kevin "But when I do…"