Old Quotes

D&D Game Quotes includes: Delves, The Warlord, Blood Vengeance, Secrets of Blackveil, Young Gamers/Bad Hand, Blood Dawn
Serenity Game Quotes includes: Delves, The Yellow Submarine, Lost Sheep, Deadliest Cargo, Big Damn Medics
Star Wars Game Quotes includes : Delves, Shadows of Discord, Rebellion
D&D 5E Quotes from: Lost Mines of Phandelver, Storm King's Thunder, Tomb of Annihilation, Cult of Madness, Waterdeep Adventures
Other Game Quotes includes: Hellboy/BPRD, Cowboy Bebop, Cyberpunk 2020, Call of Cthulhu, Star Trek, Artemis, The Expanse

Random Personal Quotes
"Banter is good, finishing your turn is better"
"Left is always the right way."
"My dog is a rescue dog from Tennessee, so he barks with a twang."
"Was that your impression of a black, orcish pirate?"
Watching a reality show commercial about Alaskan women going to Florida to find dates:
Contestant "I just want to wear a dress and feel like a girl"
Niels "That works for drag queens, too"

"My bard's lute goes to 11"
Konrad "I'm allergic to people."
Jerry "So don't eat them."
"I buy Chips & Salsa because I'm hungry after my Phone Sex Nookie." Playing Chez Geek
"I'm a bit odd, but mostly competent"
Talking about the Malort liquor:
"It's like Fernet's pot smoking cousin"

"We transferred him to Jesus."
"I am like the world's worst 40 year old woman"
Watching a game of Axis & Allies: "Spin the Wheel of Weapons"
Coming up with names for the diseases in Pandemic: "It's Osama bin Coli"
Konrad was talking about he didn't have a smartphone anymore after an 'accident' "
Emily "You took an arrow to the smartphone?"
Explaining the rules of the game Love Letter
"The goal of the game, at the end, is to win" (mass laughter follows).
Emily is looking at cards in Exploding Kittens
Emily "It's a big, fat, Adderall… adorable…"
We were playing King of Tokyo, and Kevin and Emily had the two city spots
Emily "We're a married couple; we stand together"
Someone rolled damage and hit them
Kevin "I'm out"

"NINE!" in a bad German accent whenever he gets that roll.
"It's like smoking a Halls", talking about menthol cigarettes. 
Matt "How thick is this forest?"
Chmiel "As thick as your head"
Discussing intramural quidditch
"It's like LARPing with brooms"
We went to Wendy's
Chmiel "I'll have a number 9 <combo meal>"
Jim "Of course you will…" The cashier didn't understand why we all burst out laughing.

"To paraphrase Sun-Tzu, no adventure survives contact with the players."
Playing Star Trek edition of Settlers of Canaan. Emily pointed out that the symbol on the Food card looks like an old McDonald's styrofoam container:
"The Klingons have cut off my supply of Big Macs!"
"Non-alcoholic beer is just horse piss without the buzz"
"I don't kill player characters, PLAYERS kill player characters"
While playing Star Trek Panic, discussing what happens if the ship gets boarded
Jim "We fight them! <sings> Da da da dadada" (fight music from Amok Time episode)
Everyday Conversations with Cats

Playing Settlers of Catan
Konrad "I'm building a sheep empire"
JoAnne "So it's a shempire?"

"You want to lower someone's Cool? Put them in a Hot Dog suit."
We were at a very small game convention, with very few dealers
"There is a man over there knitting. He is crocheting his tears of boredom into a blanket"

"Theory and Practice are always the same, in Theory"
Emily left some ice cubes in a cooler too long and they melted
Emily "Oh no, that wasn't supposed to happen"
Raleigh "The ice escaped?"
Matt "I'm sane"
Raleigh "You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means"
Playing the Firefly board game
"I've got two prostitutes and a gynecologist. This will work"
"There's a difference between reading the Bible and getting to know someone biblically"

We were playing King of Tokyo, and Kevin and Emily had the two city spots
Emily "We're a married couple; we stand together"
Someone rolled damage and hit them
Kevin "I'm out"
While playing Star Trek Panic.
Kevin "I am going to Kobayashi Maru the shit out of this"

Going to see a movie, table rules came up
Jim "We're not at the game table"
Kimi "Cool, I can stuff anything I want up my nose"

Doing his character questionnaire for "Lost Sheep"
"I feel like I'm signing up for eHarmony"
Playing Settlers of Catan
<sings> "We built this city on rock and wheat!"

Mike J
"There's a special level of hell for people who fart in elevators and get your order wrong at McDonald's"

Talking about Eddie Izzard
"He's the Elton John of comedy"

Dragoncon 2014
Raleigh "Elevator capacity is 28 consenting adults"
Jim "The <tap> water is frickin' hot because its heated by the fires of Mount Doom"
Emily "My pants aren't going to fall off by themselves!"
Raleigh "I am as mature as I so elect. Doodeehead"