Old Parts

(GM's note: Partly based on Brian Daley's Han Solo and the Lost Legacy novel)

Beaumonde Bound
The Britannia is bound for Beaumonde from Persephone with a cargo of prototype industrial robots. Six days out, Shen Esposito contacts Captain Windsor about a job. Windsor agrees and says they will meet after they deliver their cargo. In Beaumonde orbit, the ship is stopped and searched by a patrol following up a lead on a Firefly spotted fleeing the scene of an illegal salvage operation on a derelict transport. They drop the delivery on Beaumonde, then head across system to Angel. Windsor, Cid, Silas and Ruan meet with Shen while Naomi and Junior poke through the junkyard. Shen wants them to go to Aphrodite and check the ruins of the the Deimos Spaceport. It was used as a supplemental repair base by the Independents' navy at the beginning of the war and he believes some of the supply bunkers may be intact. He wants them to get the supplies, especially anything from the Londinium Space Navy and he offers 1,500 credits and loans them a military forklift. He warns them they will need to approach carefully, there are substantial amounts of orbital debris and its an illegal salvage job.
Cid suggests they get a cargo to somewhere in the Georgia system as cover, Windsor agrees and they hop back to Beaumonde and get a cargo of wine headed to Boros.

Grand Theft Spaceship
The crew delivers the cargo to Boros and arrives just in time for Unification Day. Since Boros has the largest Federal garrison outside of the core worlds, its easy to find a Purple Belly bar. After a few drinks, the insults start and fists fly. The crew does well thanks to their training with Ronnie, but Silas and Junior end up getting arrested and the captain pays their fines. They head to Aphrodite the next day.
Since Aphrodite was destroyed in the war, there are no navigational aids. They circle a few times before spotting the ruins of the port and land near the supply bunkers. The bunker entrance was smashed by a nearby impact and debris has sifted into the entrance ramp. Junior improvises a fuel air bomb with an acetylene tank, a grenade and some Thermite and blows the debris out of the way. They go down with the forklift and begin exploring. Naomi uses the power supply on the forklift to power up the doors and hack their electronic locks. They search and find the requested supplies. Ruan is sent back to the ship and drives the heavy truck back to the bunkers.
While they are inside, they hear a noise like a strong wind, or… spaceship thrusters! They run outside to find a salvage ship hovering over the Britannia. It lowers grappling claws to grab the Firefly, then shocks the ship with a disabling electric pulse. As the salvage ship lifts off, Cid, Silas and Naomi open fire. Naomi hits a control thruster with her gauss rifle. Silas cracks a cockpit pane, then he and Cid damage a primary thruster. The ship picks up speed and altitude and flies away. Ruan Reads them and learns they are a salvage team working the area, their base is 60 miles to the West in another city. With a destination, they load up in the truck and drive cross country through the night.

Repo Team
The crew arrives at the scrappers' base in the middle of the night. It is built below ground in the basements of some trashed buildings and a subway station. The basements have been cleared and turned into open air landing pits. They scout and find some mechanics working on the damaged ship's engine and there are lights on inside the Britannia. They use a tow cable from the truck to lower Ruan inside one of the pits and he comes up and lets the crew inside.They move forward through the base tunnels and Ruan eliminates some guards with his silenced pistol. They decide to split up, Cid, Silas and Ruan will check the salvage ship and Windsor, Junior and Naomi will check the Britannia. The salvage ship is down for repairs on the damaged forward port thruster. They kill or wound the repair crew, then disable the ship with a grenade on the fuel line to aft port thruster so the ship can't fly. Windsor, Naomi and Junior recapture their ship and restart it. Cid's team fights another group of scrappers on the way back, Junior covers them with Naomi's squad light machine gun, then throws an improvised incendiary device down the hall. Once everyone is aboard, Windsor takes off and circles around, then yields the controls to Cid to line up for a firing run. Naomi opens the cargo doors and fires the improvised railgun and slams a round into the other ship's engine room. They take off and return to the salvage job and load the parts as fast as possible and head back to Kalidasa with their salvage.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Talking about past problems with carrying passengers
Lee "50% of our passengers are hijackers"
Jim "I feel that's exaggerated; maybe 40%"
Raleigh "And 20% have been highly trustworthy"

Emily is reading the Cortex Online app's description of Persephone
Emily " '…a hotbed of criminal enterprise.' "
Kevin "It's a 'wretched hive of scum and villainy' "

The ship is stopped by a patrol responding to a report of an illegal salvage team using a Firefly
Lee "None of the people we're pretending to be are wanted"

Matt referred to Captain Windsor as "Captain Tightpants"
Lee "My pants are comfortably fitted"

We went to a new poutine place that opened up down the street for dinner and we lost track of Lee on the way out
Jim "They took him in back and killed him to make poutine, its genuine Canadian ingredients"
Matt "Poutine is people!!"

After Junior uses an improvised fuel air bomb to clear the debris and he and Naomi don gas masks to explore the bunkers
Kevin "By the time we see them again they'll be zombies"

Enily rolls fantastically to drive the heavy truck
Emily "I drift into my <parking> space"

Wind kicks up dirt and debris
Raleigh "Its a dirticane"

Talking about searching for booby traps
Raleigh "He <Junior> can find chemical traps"
Jim "What, like those no-fly strips?"

Planning to attack the enemy base
Emily "We need to maximize our surprise element by not doing anything dumb"
Raleigh "Well, we're screwed"

Lee asked Matt if his character had stockpiled any explosives
Matt "You told me not to make explosives on the ship"
Lee "And you listened to me?"
Matt "Yes!!"

Discussing marching order as they sneak into the enemy base
Jim "What's your marching order?" <pause> "That's something I never say in this game"
Kevin "Put the wizard in the middle"

Emily "If we get to our ship, we'll be at it"

Kevin "So you say you detect some lifeforms with your Yoda skills?"

Lee "There is a flaw in our plan"
Emily "What?"
Lee "We'll find out"