Offer You Can't Refuse

The party decides to explore the last three shrines which are north of the flooded area.The grungs offer them two boats to carry them across. The frst shrine is to Pazacatl, it is also partly flooded. The shrine says "Pazacatl teaches us to bow to no one." When they enter the shrine, they hear something running towards them; its a Red Wizard fleeing in panic. Tamaran casts Charm Person and the wizard stops and answers questions. He and a partner were trying to recover the puzzle cube, but they were attacked and the puzzle cube is gone.
The party explores and finds the decapitated body of the other wizard and an empty pedestal with a riddle in Common, the answer is "a shadow". With a Light spell casting shadows, Talya bows to the six statues around the room and passages open behind them. Most lead to traps but one leads to another roon with a pedestal, there is a square outline in the dust from the missing puzzle cube. The captured wizard says his remaining partners were going to attack the Yuan-Ti camp tonight. The party decides to head to the camp, let the bad guys soften each other up and they take out the winner and recover more cubes. Not wanting to kill the wizard in cold blood they leave him behin, bound in the shrine. But as they sail away, a giant crocodile snatches him off the steps and eats the wizard.
The party travels to wear the Yuan-ti are supposed to be camped and wait for the Red Wizards to attack. Two show and attack, but are quickly slain by the outer guards. Tamaran shapeshifts into a giant spider and climbs the wall and spies on the Yuan-ti guards. Aria, Remoro and Therhana will turn invisible and try to sneak in when the party attacks. The rest of the party goes to attack, but a horde of Yuan-ti swarm out of the ruins behind them, including their leader on a T-rex. Remoro Fireballs them with little effect. Therhana escapes invisible and Tamaran changes into a chipmunk to scurry away.The rest are taken prisoner, stripped, gagged and bags are put over their heads. They are marched inside and put in a cell. The next day they are hooded again and taken to a large cavern and put to work throwing corpses to feed a hydra in a pool. The next day is the same, but Iakin finds a partial map on the on a body and conceals it in his pants. A female Yuan-ti priestess comes to watch them, she later has them brought before her. She offers a deal. She wants the Lich Raz Nazee destroyed and his influence over the Yuan-ti ended. One of the Yuan-ti rulers is dying and he does not want to be affected by the Soulmonger. She will have them released from their cell and gives them directions to where their weapons are and where to go in the complex. There will also be some other slaves put in to aid them. Once everything is in place, the priestess' guards release them and take them to the armory. The guards on their cell drink a potion to knock them selves out so it looks like the party poisoned them to escape. The party and slaves get their equipment, but when they emerge from the armory, their guides are dead.
The party decides to stick to their mission and moves out through the tunnels. But a giant snake attacks them from a side passage. They are forced to fight the beast and slay it, but no one seems to hear the fight.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing what creatures might be in the water
Bonnie, looking at Scott C "No dragon tails for someone to poke"

Something is running towards the party at regular 30 feet/turn movement
Bonnie "Two trains leave…"

Mike "Make a Perception check"
Lee "And realize its pointless"

The bard and wild mages turn Invisible to approach the Yuan-ti lair
Lee "Team Invisible"
Jim "Team Low Hit Points"

MC is going to cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter
Lee "I like the alternate spell; Tasha's Hideous Sister"

Discussing attacking with Fireball
Scott M "I'm a firm believer in "No bombs back to the hangar", we should use Fireball

The Yuan-ti priestess is is talking to the party
Jim "Paint me like one of your French snakes"
Lee "Let me stop you sweetheart"
Bonnie "Uh oh, mansplaining coming in"

Jim's character pulls the concealed map out of his shorts
Scott C "Step one, cut a hole in the map…"