Offer You Can't Refuse

The party decides to explore the last three shrines which are north of the flooded area.The grungs offer them two boats to carry them across. The first shrine is to Pazacatl, it is also partly flooded. The shrine says "Pazacatl teaches us to bow to no one." When they enter the shrine, they hear something running towards them; its a Red Wizard fleeing in panic. Tamaran casts Charm Person and the wizard stops and answers questions. He and a partner were trying to recover the puzzle cube, but they were attacked and the puzzle cube is gone.
The party explores and finds the decapitated body of the other wizard and an empty pedestal with a riddle in Common, the answer is "a shadow". With a Light spell casting shadows, Talya bows to the six statues around the room and passages open behind them. Most lead to traps but one leads to another room with a pedestal, there is a square outline in the dust from the missing puzzle cube. The captured wizard says his remaining partners were going to attack the Yuan-Ti camp tonight. The party decides to head to the camp, let the bad guys soften each other up and they take out the winner and recover more cubes. Not wanting to kill the wizard in cold blood they leave him behind, bound in the shrine. But as they sail away, a giant crocodile snatches him off the steps and eats the wizard.
The party travels to wear the Yuan-ti are supposed to be camped and wait for the Red Wizards to attack. Two show and attack, but are quickly slain by the outer guards. Tamaran shapeshifts into a giant spider and climbs the wall and spies on the Yuan-ti guards. Aria, Remoro and Therhana will turn invisible and try to sneak in when the party attacks. The rest of the party goes to attack, but a horde of Yuan-ti swarm out of the ruins behind them, including their leader on a T-rex. Remoro Fireballs them with little effect. Therhana escapes Invisible and Tamaran changes into a chipmunk to scurry away.The rest are taken prisoner, stripped, gagged and bags are put over their heads. They are marched inside and put in a cell. The next day they are hooded again and taken to a large cavern and put to work throwing corpses to feed a hydra in a pool. The next day is the same, but Iakin finds a partial map on the on a body and conceals it in his pants. A female Yuan-ti priestess comes to watch them, she later has them brought before her. She is Fenthaza and offers a deal. She wants the Yuan-ti priest Raz Nazee destroyed and his influence over the Yuan-ti ended. One of the Yuan-ti rulers is dying and he does not want to be affected by the Soulmonger. She will have them released from their cell and gives them directions to where their weapons are and where to go in the complex. There will also be some other slaves put in to aid them. Once everything is in place, the priestess' guards release them and take them to the armory. The guards on their cell drink a potion to knock themselves out so it looks like the party poisoned them to escape. The party and slaves get their equipment, but when they emerge from the armory, their guides are dead.
The party decides to stick to their mission and moves out through the tunnels. But a giant snake attacks them from a side passage. They are forced to fight the beast and slay it, but no one seems to hear the fight.
Outside, Tamaran and Therhana are trying to figure out how to get inside the complex and find the rest of the party. They set an abandoned building on fire as a distraction and sneak inside when the guards come outside to investigate. They find the levers opening the doors and move inside. Moving deeper into the tunnels, they find dead yuan-ti and mixed tracks, Tamaran spots Korinn's dragonborn footprints and they follow them and hook up with the rest of the party. Exploring the room the snake came from, they find a larder and take some food. They open the door at rear and find two yuan-ti guards. The party engages them and they call for help and two more attack. One of the reinforcements pulls out a spellbook and starts to chant, Tamaran tries to pull the book away with Thorn Whipand Remoro hits it with Fire Bolt. The party slays them and moves through the door into natural caves. They find some prisoners and give them food and promise they'll be back.
The next door down the tunnel leads to a room with another door. The door opens while they are searching and a scaly humanoid with a bronze syringe steps through. Startled by the party, he calls for help and five zombies follow him through to attack the party. A zombie attacks Talya and Aria is there to protect her. Talya turns some zombies and Tamaran strikes them with a Moonbeam spell. Remoro Magic Missiles the humanoid and Therhana hits him with Witch Bolt while Nanoc and Iakin hold the front line. The party surrounds and cuts down the zombies and their master. Checking throughthe door is another section of caves. A slave child comes into view from the right, but an arrow strikes him in the back and kills him. Seven more yaun-ti approach from the right. They fall back and secure the door with a spike nailed to the floor. The party goes back in the hall and continues to the next door at the end of the hall and comes out into a cross corridor with a door across from them. To the left is a large brightly lit chamber. The passage to the right ends in a door, beyond that is an old workshop with a door on the back wall, but mud and water has leaked in through cracks in the walls and the room has toadstools growing all over work benches and sealed ceramic jars. They find one jar which is made of bronze, it is also stoppered and sealed. Kiistnoa goes through the door into some caves, probably part of the ones they were in before. He hears waves and motion from the left. Looking around the cave, an underground river runs nearby and there are two row boats are tied there. Back in the hall, the door across the way leads to a square room with a large pit in the center. A rickety rope and board bridge crosses the pit, but the edges of the floor are slime and algae coated, making it very difficult to walk around the edge. A passageway leads out of the room on the other side beyond the bridge. They tie a rope to Kiistnoa and he crosses the bridge while Nanoc, Korinn and Iakin hold the rope. Beyond the pit and bridge chamber is a blood sauna occupioed by six yuan-ti. Kisstnoa returns and explains what he saw. Remoro offers to Fireball the sauna, but Iakin wants to check out the last passage to make sure there aren't more yuan-ti close by. The brightly lit area at the end of the hall is a giant temple, with a giant gong to one side, a balcony supported on snake statues with blood overflowing it and running through channels to a pool in the center. A giant cauldron of blood and body parts cooks in one corner. Stairs lead up to a passage heading back towards, the main entrance and two doors are on the opposite side. Knowing there are no yuan-ti here, the party debates attacking the blood sauna, but decides to wait. One of the snake statues has a movable tongue, it opens a secret door between the other two doors. Inside is a huge sleeping snake like beast and some treasure. The party forms up by the opening and prepares to attack. Everyone lets flie with missiles and spells, then they make battle lines. Korinn, Nanoc and Iakin are in front, Kisstnoa, Tamaran and Aria behind them with Therhana, Talya and Remoro at the rear. The creature wakes up, it is a very large snake yuan-ti, with a human upper body, arms and head on top of the snake tail. Its skin seems to be rotting and flaking away, it must be the lich! He casts a spell that pulls shields off the walls to float before him as defenses and draws a sword which lights on fire. The party attacks him and he casts a spell that Korinn and Nanoc shrugoff, but Iakin is blinded. Tamaran uses Lesser Restoration on Iakin and the battle continues. The shields move to block the party's attacks, but each shield can only block one blow before it falls to the ground. The party hurls multiple spells while the frontline warriors chop at the lich, but it resists most spells. The lich uses some kind of Charm spell on Nanoc to turn him against his teammates, but the lich is slain before Nanoc can hurt them. They decide to close the secret door and make camp in the lich's lair so they can rest. They sort through the treasure and find a statuette with a secret compartment, it has all the missing puzzle cubes! They set up watches and are able to get some rest.
In the morning, the secret door starts to open and the yuan-ti high priestess Fenthaza slithers in. She is pleased the lich is dead, he was a negative influence on her people. But the complex is full of yuan-ti, she will attempt to make a distraction so they can try to escape. She asks if they found the puzzle cubes and they decide to tell her no. She says the lich spent time visiting the secret temple, she says it is marked by an obelisk. The party decides to escape by the river with the boats, maybe the sorcerors can turn everyone Invisible for the escape.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing what creatures might be in the water
Bonnie, looking at Scott C "No dragon tails for someone to poke"

Something is running towards the party at regular 30 feet/turn movement
Bonnie "Two trains leave…"

Mike "Make a Perception check"
Lee "And realize its pointless"

The bard and wild mages turn Invisible to approach the Yuan-ti lair
Lee "Team Invisible"
Jim "Team Low Hit Points"

MC is going to cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter
Lee "I like the alternate spell; Tasha's Hideous Sister"

Discussing attacking with Fireball
Scott M "I'm a firm believer in 'No bombs back to the hangar'; we should use Fireball"

The Yuan-ti priestess is is talking to the party
Jim "Paint me like one of your French snakes"
Lee "Let me stop you sweetheart"
Bonnie "Uh oh, mansplaining coming in"

Jim's character pulls the concealed map out of his shorts
Scott C "Step one, cut a hole in the map…"

Discussing weddings and honeymoons
Scott M "Take a trip to Rawanda"
Caite "Isn't that the country in Black Panther?"
Alicia "This is going to be like the tinderbox comment"

All of Marcus' early rolls have been very low, he finally gets a modified 10
Jim "Welcome to double digits"

Discussing the guard alcoves in the tunnel before the main doors
Scott M "This tunnel has the Alcoves of Doom"

The barbarian runs to attack
Mike "I see Scott charging up like Adam Sandler in Water Boy"

Marcus' druid is going to cast Moonbeam
MC "Moonbeam? Do you turn your back and drop your pants?"

Scott's rogue makes a wavy motion to indicate he sees yuan-ti
Scott M "There's snakey people"
Bonnie "He's going to do the worm?"
Jim "I don't have any tequila"
There are six yuan-ti in a blood sauna, Jim is running Lee's character since he couldn't make it
Jim "Lee is jumping up and down with his hand in the air going 'Can I cast Fireball? Can I?' "

In the workshop overgrown with toadstools, Marcus makes a high Nature skill roll to identify them
Scott M "You are one with the mushrooms"

They find a sealed bronze jug, Caite thinks its like the basket snake charmers keep their snake in and offers to play the flute to charm the snake if there's one inside
Mike "What flute? A skin-flute?"

The party is battling the yuan-ti priest and are braced for serious casualties, but the monster goes down easier than expected and everyone is surprised
Marcus "He's dead Jim"

Looting the priest's treasure room, they recover all the puzzle cubes, but that means they need to go to the final temple for the artifact
Jim "Your treasure is in the other temple"