Nomads of the World Ocean

(Based on the Classic Traveller adventure)

Captain Nivix and Jedi Knights Talik and Bruin meet with Commodore Tane for an unusual briefing. They have been asked to investigate claims of a corporation violating environmental conservation laws and overfishing on the planet Darna. Darna is a water world and the discovery of an amazing organic chemical in the ocean's dominant species has lead to a company harvesting the sea creatures. Initially they hunted without check and there were concerns of ecological disaster. Quotas were imposed, but natives claim the company, Seaharvester, is still violating the quotas. After some discussion, the team decides to go undercover as representatives of a fictional company interested in products based on the new substance. Republic Intelligence provides them some false identities and a small executive transport starship.
The team travels to Darna and makes contact with corporate representatives who repeat the corporate line about properly and responsibly adhering to quotas. The team is offered a tour of a harvester ship and are flown out to one by a corporate pilot in a corporate airspeeder. The harvester ship is 300 meters long and heavily armed with a missile launcher and many defensive blaster turrets. They get a tour of the ship and notice armed guards with anti-personnel weapons. When they ask about the ship's weapons, they get a lecture and presentation about the creature they harvest. The local creature has an amazing life cycle, starting as a small manta like fish and growing through many stages until it grows to a an island like behemoth filter feeder a kilometer long. The floating island beasts actually have plant life growing on their backs and smaller creatures nest on their backs. Below water, the creature's offspring follow the island adults as well as other creatures that feed on them, making it a mobile community. The harvested creatures are "adolescents" and can be a 100 meters long. The defensive blaster turrets are protection from one of the island beasts'parasites, a dragon like creature with a four meter wingspan called a chimearoc. They are quite aggressive in attacking anything that approaches the island beasts. The harvest ship is currently pacing a herd, they suggest they fly out to see it. Their corporate pilot takes them out to the herd and they spot a native ship in trouble with a survivor waving for help. They fly down to help the native, and pick her up. She is one of the native sea nomads who follow the herds in their own factory city-ships. The speeder is attacked by chimearocs and crash themselves. Alana tries to help repair the speeder but is attacked as well and draws her concealed lightsaber to fight off a chimearoc but fumbles and damages her left arm. She is attacked by a small local version of a shark. Bruin and Talik come to her aid,getting her out of the water and driving off the beasts with Force Push. They spot a sea nomad ship approaching and Bruin uses Telekinesis to lift the speeder out of the water and set it down on the deck of the nomad ship. The corporate pilot is taken prisoner, Alana is taken to their sick bay and the Jedi escorted to quarters. The ship's captain and the rescued nomad come to talk to them,they agree to bring them back to their city-ship so they can speak to the nomads' clan council.They say they know the corporation is over fishing, but do not have concrete proof to show.
Alana wakes up later, they were unable to save her arm, it is gone below the elbow. They meet with the ship nomad's council, they agree to help them gather information about the corporation's activities. If they prove the corporation isn't violating the law, they will accept the Jedi Knights' findings. But they think the corporation is breaking the law. The council explains how the factory ships' defenses work, there are laser turrets for defense against airborne predators, but they generally don't fire low and are usually not on when the ship is in open waters away from herds. They have some Thranta, the Jedi can ride one to the ship, approaching under the defenses. Talik and Bruin agree, Alana is left behind to recuperate (GM's note: Chmiel was sick and missed the second session).
The nomads send a scout ship to carry the Jedi and a thranta closer to the factory ship. Talik takes control and steers the thranta to the ship. She uses Reshape Material to open a whole in the hull and they jump through and she closes the hole. They are in a cargo hold of Tibanna gas drums, they exit and begin to explore. They find a supply officer's office and break in. Bruin gets into the ship's network and starts investigating. He discovers the claims are true, this ship is collecting ten times as many animals as it should, but is selling the extra to outside buyers and embezzling the difference. The captain and the company's operations officer are behind it, but the crew is being paid a bonus to keep quiet. The operations officer is altering company records to hide it. The Jedi decide they have enough evidence and Bruin makes copies of the data. A security patrol arrives to check the office, but Talik knocks them out with Induce Sleep and they steal the guards' uniforms for the trip back. They exit the ship and Talik calls the thranta back. As they depart, alarms sound and the ship goes on alert, bringing up its defenses. Talik dives the thranta underwater to avoid being shot, but a local shark chases them. Bruin hits it with Force Push, and drives it off. They make it to the waiting scout ship and return to the nomad city ship.
Back among the nomads, the Jedi share the data confirming the nomads' claims. In the middle of the conference, their comlinks come on with an emergency broadcast. Inspector Y'ggdrasil and Lieutenant Pane are in orbit, having been diverted to investigate their disappearance. Luldi lands the courier ship and they meet to confer. With Y'ggdrasil along to provide extra law enforcement knowledge, they decide to return to Seaharvester and confront them. They arrive at Seaharvester's corporate tower in uniform and Y'ggdrasil politely demands a meeting. They lay out the proof and Talik reads them to see if they are lying. The corporate board is uninvolved and agrees to cooperate fully. They summon the ship's captain and the operations manager to a meeting and Y'ggdrasil arrests them and turns them over to the local Republic authorities for prosecution. The team returns to Herdessa Base. While Alana is in recovery, Lieutenant Pane is assigned to them as their pilot.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The mission is to a waterworld to investigate claims of corporate over-harvesting
Lee "There's something fishy about that"

Lee's character is a conspiracy theorist
Lee "I've studied all the conspiracies, like the Flat Galaxy Theory"

Talik is pretending to be a corporate representative
Kimi "I was born to be a pretend space businessman"

The speeder crashes after rescuing the local
Lee "So we are literally in the same boat… I didn't mean to do that"

Talking about medical care for Alana after she fumbles with a lightsaber
Lee "How good is your insurance?"
Chmiel "I work for the Republic"
Lee "Spedicaid (space Medicaid)"

Alana loses her arm at the elbow
Chmiel "I'm a one-armed bandit"
They suggest she get a hook
Kimi "You're Captain Hook!"

Talik and Bruin board the factory ship, cutting through the hull above the waterline
Lee "So we're on the Lido Deck"

Talking about Tibanna gas is flammable, and joking about the Star Wars warning symbol, we decided it was a burning stick figure

Lee makes funny noises while his character uses Force powers
Kimi "The crew are going to tell the captain the ship is haunted"

Kimi "I'm going to cast Dim Other's Senses"
Lee " 'Cast'?"

Discussing the data storage in Rogue One
Lee "It's an eight track. Speight track"

Kimi finally gets to use her Beast Riding skill and Beast Language Force power
Kimi "They told me I'd never use it when I graduated Jedi college, but Ha!"
Lee "It was an easy elective"

Lee "I made copies of the data and put it in a secure location… my sock"

Mike and MC joined for the conclusion and we explained to MC that Bruin is a conspiracy theorist
MC, confused "But you work for the government…?"
Jim "Yep, you've got it"

Kimi rolled a total of "5" for Receptive Telepathy
Mike "You read your own mind"
Jim "You fail to read your own mind"

Arresting the corrupt company officers
Mike "I go for a bitch slap/hand cuff combo, maybe throw in a teabag"

Talik is going to read minds again
Lee "Rape his mind"
Mike "No lube"