No Time To Rest

(Based on the Megatraveller adventure from Challenge magazine #50, written by Robert N. Sprinkle.)

Ship and Crew
The Beaumonde Pioneer, a Firefly class
Blackjack Pilot Captain Zap Rosdower- Callum
Browncoat Mechanic Neal Don- Michael
Frontier Doctor Taylor Hawkin- Lee
Gunslinger "Gunsmoke"- Chris

The Beaumonde Pioneer is a couple days out from Beaumonde heading for Persephone when they receive a call. The captain is sleeping on the bridge and doesn't hear it, but Dr. Hawkin hears the alarm from the lounge and comes up to check. It's a call from a fellow Browncoat Todd Wilkins who explains that a pro-reform Senator, Baron von Alksburg of Persephone, has disappeared. His yacht is two days overdue at Londinium and Wilkins fears something may have happened to him. Von Alksburg is the leader of the Opposition in Parliament and supports returning voting rights to ex-Independents, financial support for the Rim worlds and rationalized military spending. Alliance officials have listed his yacht as overdue, but are searching on the assumption it was mechanical failure, since there have been no ransom demands, etc. Wilkins wants the crew to investigate the possibility of foul play. The senator's yacht was last seen on the Atlanta Skyplex on the return leg of a fact finding tour in the Georgia system. The captain agrees and Wilkins sends them a data download of information about the senator, his yacht, and crew and signs off.

The captain changes course and starts a hard burn towards the Atlanta skyplex. The crew calls up contacts and starts to figure out what happened. The senator's yacht, the Spirit of Persephone, arrived at Atlanta a day behind schedule and loaded enough fuel to show she had made a detour somewhere in the Georgia system. The ship's captain and another man handled the resupply, but that man was not a member of the ship's crew. Also the ship did not take on enough life support supplies, indicating that some of her crew had been left behind somewhere. The man with the captain is identified as Horatio Creel, a criminal from Londinium who has been involved in politically motivated crimes. The captain changes course again and heads for Ezra, the senator's last stop. Gunsmoke tries to lean on a local crime boss, Madame Chien, using his tong connections, but she refuses to help. Running down Creel's known associates, they find one of them is from Three Hills here in Georgia. The crew flies to Three Hills and talks to the local sheriff and learns the accomplice in question once used an old abandoned mine as a hide out.

They fly one of the shuttles to the mine and spot lights in one of the buildings and a sentry on a roof. Don and Gunsmoke capture and interrogate the sentry and learn the hostages are being held in the administration building by three other crooks. They try to sneak up, but Don stumbles on some old equipment in the dark, alerting the guards. They watch through the windows and find the prisoners and after a bit of overplanning make their move. The captain and doctor come in the front and the captain shoots one of the guards. Don shoots the guards through the window with his assault rifle, Gunsmoke breaks down the back door and takes out the guard there with a shot from one pistol to his kneecap, a kick and a headshot from his other pistol. With all the guards down, the senator, his navigator and steward are rescued. Dr. Hawkin stabilizes the wounded guard and they take him and the sentry back to the shuttle as prisoners. They fly back to port, drop off the prisoners with the sheriff and take off for Londinium.

Once they arrive at Londinium, the Senator contacts the port authorities. The Beaumonde Pioneer is escorted to the luxury docking ring on the Norfolk Skyplex by a pair of Alliance destroyers and they are met by a full honor guard for the Senator. After the crew contacts the skyplex and files their departure plan, the senator contacts the crew and thanks them again. The senator also transfers them 6,000 credits as a reward for his rescue. They head to Persephone to drop off their overdue cargo.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim's cat Sam was sitting in his lap and Jim had a Bond villain moment:
Jim "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die"

Michael had some bad Agility + Covert rolls, a botch and a 3.
Lee "I have <just> a d10 for Agility, I think I could beat some of your rolls"

Planning the attack to save the hostages:
Callum to Lee "We can come in the back and draw fire while they come in the front"
Lee "Excuse me? If I draw fire, there's no one to fix you"