Nightingale Emergency Shuttle

Nightingale class Pulse Drive Emergency Shuttle

Tonnage: 100
Speed Class: 6 Full Burn: 10
Crew: 2 + 4 medical
Fuel Capacity: 200 hours at SC6
Cargo Capacity: 5 tons
Passenger Capacity: 4 patients
Price: 6,658 cr.
Agi:d6 Str:d4 Vit:d6 Ale:d6 Int:d6 Wil:d6
Init: d6+d6 Life: 8
Assets: Fast Throttle (m)
Skills: Perception:d6 Pilot:d6
Complexity: 36, Average
Equipment: Sickbay with Medcomp
Maintenance cost: 200 cr. per year

Designed by Complete Spaceship Solutions, the Nightingale class Emergency shuttle is designed to provide medical services and disaster relief to Rim worlds. The shuttle has a sickbay and room for 4 patients to be transported. The crew consists of pilot, copilot/mechanic, doctor, 2 nurse/medtechs and a security officer. In normal times, they provide free clinics to backwater colonies. In case of disaster, they can provide medical assistance at the scene or transport casualties to nearby hospitals or their mother ship, the Kuan Yin class Hospital ships.