Night Of Conquest

(Based on the Classic Traveller adventure, Night of Conquest, published as part of Double Adventure 6, written by William H. Keith, Jr. and J. Andrew Keith)

On a Diplomatic Mission
The team is on downtime on Herdessa after their last mission. XTR-MN8 has returned from visiting his techie Truzen for upgrades. The new code Bruin wrote was checked by Truzen and it discovered Bruin's attempted prank code which would force XTR to end every sentence with the word "meow" and not realize it. Truzen tried to edit the code but wasn't completely successful (GM's note: I botched on his roll) so there is a small chance the prank code will manifest.
Jedi Master Cadan calls Alana, Talik, Bruin, Quint and XTR in for a briefing and introduces them to retired admiral Garm Avar, who was in the Republic Judicial Branch Fleet's Logistic's department. He is now a negotiator for the Republic Ministry of Trade. He is going to the independent world of Gaajpadje to finalize negotiations about trade. Gaajpadje is a primitive world with a native sentient humanoid species. Since they do not have a unified world government, they are not eligible to join the Republic, but the negotiations will allow trade with them.
The team will be travelling on the Herald, a Consular class cruiser under the command of Captain Lon Felian. The team will serve as security and assistants, XTR and Spots will get downloads of the local language.
The journey to Gaajpadje is uneventful and Avar is a fairly pleasant boss. Bruin does monitor his thoughts lightly and discovers he was in the Intelligence branch as a young officer. Alana attempts to seduce him to get more background out of him, but he pointedly turns her down and dismisses her. On Gaajpadje, the ship lands at an airship field outside of the city Rijudjya. The party is welcomed warmly and the days are spent in meetings with representatives of the local nations and touring the city to see what examples of trade they have to offer. However, the team is surprised to find humans living among the natives, apparently a poor, lower class. Asking around, both officially and unofficially, they learn that about 2,000 years ago, a human ship crashed on the other major continent of Gaajpadje. The crew carved out a small empire with their advanced weapons and eventually conquered the other continent. They no longer have advanced weapons and the locals say they are not a threat, due to the distance across the sea. They produce nothing worthy of trade. The local humans, called K'tring are poor immigrants, many of them escaped criminals. They live in restricted areas of the city, doing menial labor jobs and are looked down upon by the natives. The team makes efforts to talk to them, but are rebuffed.

Avoid Local Entanglements
Eventually, negotiations are completed and the locals host a grand celebration at the local palace with dinner and performances. Fine animal drawn carriages and cavalry units are sent to escort the team and the officer's of the Herald to the gala. Shortly after dark, aides rush in and speak to the local leaders. Outside, a large dark shape appears, blocking the stars. It grows into a large fixed wing glider and guns open fire from it, throwing streams of tracers against guard positions on the palace grounds. The glider touches down, ripping through the gardens. The bow opens and K'tring troops spill out, opening fire on the palace. Bullets punch through the windows of the dining hall and Talik uses Strengthen Material to harden the glass against the bullets. The locals began to evacuate in a panic as a second glider touches down, releasing more troops. Envoy Avar orders the team to retreat and they join the rush from the palace. Outside, they try to decide which way to escape to reach the ship. They call the ship, but all the pilot officers are here at the celebration. The watch on the ship reports more gliders and troops landing there, its a major invasion. They emerge from the palace, Quint grabs a rifle from a fallen palace guard. Alana leads them to the palace boat house and they try to find a way to escape. They decide on a small steam powered launch and Alana and the ship crew try to get it working. A squad of K'tring troops head for the boat house, Quint and XTR open fire, dropping several, but XTR's blaster jams (Botch!). Bruin attacks with his lightsaber, but just chops up the soldier' guns, disarming them. The survivors flee, giving them time to start the boat. XTR grabs an assault rifle from one of the dead. They cast off, but Alana is not a great helmswoman and bumps the pier, damaging the boat. They try to fix the leak with Bruin's tools and Talik uses Reshape Material to seal the leak.

Blast Them!
Steaming upstream towards the airship landing field, they will pass several bridges. Talik and Bruin use Telekinesis to help push the boat against the flow of the river. At the first bridge, K'tring troops open fire. Quint and XTR return fire and are surprised when Avar pulls out a needle beam blaster and opens fire as well. As they close in on the bridge, Bruin and Talik jump high onto the bridge using the Force and attack with lightsabers. Talik downs one and Bruin takes out two more, then uses Force Push to shove the five remaining soldiers off the bridge into the river. They jump back down into the boat as it passes the bridge. XTR tries to get the Herald's comm officer to try fixing his arm blaster, but working with limited tools, he actually damages it further (Botch!). At the next bridge, Talik lifts XTR onto the bridge with the soldiers and he wades through their bullets to grab them and throw them off the bridge while Quint and Avar snipe from the boat.
Eventually they reach the landing field and beach the boat. There are guards watching the ship while troops prepare the field for reinforcements to arrive. The guards are in a small sandbag machine gun nest. Bruin uses Electronic Manipulation to short out the searchlight pointed at the ship and Talik uses the Force to pull the machine gun out of the nest while they attack the guards covering the ship. Quint sneaks up to the boarding ramp and enters the pass code. The airlock hatch opens revealing some of the crew covering the door with blasters. They take Quint to the bridge and he powers up the ship and flies it to the edge of the field to pick everyone up. Captain Felian and his crew take over and they lift off from Gaajpadje to return to Herdessa.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Lee was talking about surfing or something, like his monk in our Oriental Adventures campaign.
Matt "You cannot create a watersport in every RPG you play"

Discussing possible secrets of the planet
Jim "There may be deposits of heavy metals…"
Lee <sings> "Heavy metal…"
Jim "I knew I could count on Lee for that"

Talking about how the Republic hopes offworld trade will help the natives advance their society so they can form a unified world government and join the Republic
Lee "Aren't we violating the Prime Directive?"
Jim "If there was a Prime Directive in Star Wars, we would be. But there's not. Of course, if we were playing Star Trek, it's all about violating the Prime Directive"

Kimi wants to do something unethical with her Force powers and Jim warns her against it
Matt "The Force is watching, just like God and Santa"

Comparing attractiveness, Alana has Allure (minor), but Talik has Allure (Major)
Kimi "What's it like to be sub-par?"

The invaders open fire
Lee "Will you tell those guys to stop firing guns? I'm trying to use my Danger Sense"

Taking the boat upriver, someone (maybe Lee) referred to them as "Steamboat Jedi"

Talik uses the Force to throw XTR up on the bridge
Chmiel "She throws like a girl"

Kimi is again considering an inappropriate use of Force powers and Matt warns her
Kimi "It's a fine line between Light and Dark, buddy, and only a Jedi can walk it"
Matt "I'm sure a lot of Sith said that before…"