Night of 1000 Screams

(GM's note: Based on the Legend of the Five Rings module, but with a lot of the side plots cut out.)

The party arrives at the port city of Ryoko Owari in time for the Festival of the Dead, a festival celebrating the spirits of past ancestors and comes across as a combination of Mardi Gras and Halloween. Fireworks pop above the city and the streets are filled with vendors and celebrants dressed as ghosts and spirits. Since it is a major fstival, the city is very busy and the party finall finds a place to stay at the Inn of the Orange Blossom. But some of the party dislike the confines of the city and Konni, Rei and Miki go outside the walls to stay in the peasant village. The rest of the party sits down for a late dinner in one of the inn's private rooms, the room next door has a well to do looking group of merchants. During the meal, there is a sudden crash and monstrous roar and the dead body of one of the merchants is thrown through the wall. The part sees a monster, an oni, attacking the merchants. The party leaps into action to fight the demon. Riku casts Strength on Jeffakou and the monk delivers a flying kick that temporarily knocks the demon down. While part of the party runs for weapons, the rest attack with martial arts and finally the demon withdraws, running out the hole and leaping to a rooftop to escape. Nagai tends to the wounded while the party questions the survivor, Doji Juzo. Then the town guard arrives and questions everyone again. Juzo has no idea why they were attacked, they are merchants bringing in festival goods like fireworks and costumes. Riku casts a spell to bring the rest of the party back to the inn. Then a magistrate arrives, Doji Oruku, of the clan the merchants belong to. He thanks the party for their help and asks them to accompany him to the local Doji clan lord's residence. He chats with the party on the way, discussing events. But when they arrive at the clan lord's manor, the demon is here ahead of them! The outside guard has been killed and the oni can be heard inside. Oruku leads them into the house and they find smaller spider-like demons searching the house. they slay the small oni and head upstairs to confront the large demon again. prepared for battle this time, they hit the oni hard. Wounded, it tears two pod-like growths from its back and throws them to the floor as it leaps out the window. The pods sprout legs and a head and grow into more of the spider demons! Jeffakou pursues the demon outside, but it is too fast for him to catch.
In the house, the party checks on the occupants, a young woman and her servants. She is the daughter of the Doji clan lord. The women explain the demon broke in and ransacked the house and tore part the festival supplies. While they are examining the goods, the clan lord returns. He says he was looking for magistrate Oruku, there was a demon attack on a warehouse belonging to the Shinjo clan, also involving festival goods. Oruku and the party investigate the second attack and Chun Gao notices the same merchant's mark on these crates as at the Doji house. She points it out t the magistrate who says that is the mark of the Shosuro clan, they have a warehouse on the waterfront.
At the Sosuro warehouse, there are guards at the front door and lights on in the office upstairs. Gao goes into an alley and shapeshifts and flies up. She pecks a whole in the window screen and hears chanting and flies back down and returns to human form to report. Oruku orders the guards to admit them and the guards open the gate. But, once the the party is inside they shut the door and yell "Magistrates! Get them or we're all dead!" Four more guards run to join the two gate guards in attacking the party, then two more with bows appear on the second floor. Arrows fly in both directions and the party defeats the guards. Going upstairs, they find the guard's room and beyond that another room with light coming underneath the door.Jeffakou smashes through the door and they find an answer to some of their problems. In the center of the room is a blood powered summoning circle, a man is sitting in the center, chanting weakly. Another bushi stands by and doesn't resist the party. He tells them they should run, because no one will be left alive by morning. He explains that they are bandits, they stole a load of festival supplies and sold them here in town. But a group of men, Moon Cultists, came to see them, and wanted one particular box of festival masks. In order to recover them, the bandit's leader summoned an Oni with his name. In the morning, the spell will end, the Oni will take the summoner's soul and become a demon lord and wreak havoc on the city. The party decides to fight the oni. They make preparations, then break the circle. When they hear the oni approaching, Nagai casts a protective circle around the summoner. The oni arrives but cannot penetrate Nagai's spell. The party does fearsome battle with the oni, which spawns a few mor podlings during the battle. Eventually it is destroyed. Magistrate Oruku takes the two prisoners into custody. In return for saving his brother's soul, the bushi tells them where the masks were to be delivered.
Its the middle of the night and the festival is in full swing. The party goes to the abandoned manor house and finds some lights on inside. The attack and defeat the Moon Cultists, but see that they have maps of the city on the wall and a dagger is thrust through the temple of Lady Sun. Realizing there is going to be an attack on the temple, the monks race ahead to warn the priests. The party comes along after. At the temple, the courtyard is filling with revellers for the lighting of the dragon fire orb on a pillar in the courtyard. The monks spot real zombies mixed in with the crown and attack. The crowds panic, most trying to run, some samurai trying to help, but occasionally wounding innocent people dressed as zombies. The rest of the party arrives and the battle increases in intensity as more zombies arrive and begin attacking the party. looking around the courtyard, the spot a spellcaster and some guards. The wu-jen is casting a Summon Earth Elemental spell intending to destroy the temple. Arrows and spells, fists and swords fly as the adventurers battle undead and live enemies alike. The wu-jen is stopped from summoning the elemental and he and his men are slain, but the zombies are still piling into the courtyard. Surrounded, exhausted and outnumbered at least five to one, the party prepares for a last stand. But the light of the rising sun touches the orb on tob of its pedestal and it burst into flame. The light disrupts the dark magic animating the zombies and they collapse, dead once more. The temple priests help the wounded and bring the adventurers in for rest. Afterwards, the temple and city elders thank them for their heroics and reward them.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Looking at the map, with numbers marking the important sites, but the answer key removed
Lee "I want to go to number 11"
Jim "That's convenient; it's the prison"

Lee donated more money to his order than Callum
Lee "I out monked you"

Matt's wu-jen casts Strength on Lee's monk
Lee "Did you see me kick that demon in the head?"
Matt "You're welcome for the spell of cheating"

Part of the party is camped outside of town. Chris' wu-jen was looking for spell components but we didn't know that when he said:
Chris "Are there any sheep here?"
General laughter
Matt "Rokugan, where men are men and sheep are scared"
Chris "Can I get some wool?"
Jim "Do you have brick or wood to trade?"
More laughter

Doing haiku
Matt "The demon attacked,
The monk was quick actor…"
Jim "I'll be in my bunk"
Matt "The demon has fled"

A magistrate comes to investigate and approaches JoAnne's samurai because she has the highest honor
Jim "The rest of you are going to hide behind JoAnne's honor"
Lee "How do you know he's a samurai? He hasn't got shit all over him"

Talking about JoAnne is left handed
Lee "Burn the left handed witch!"
Jim "She's not a witch, she's my wife!"

The party has received reports of multiple sightings of the oni
Lee, looking at the map "Is there a demon quarter listed?"

The NPC warehouse owner is complaining about the damage the demon did
Lee "Did you buy demon insurance?"

Michael rolls a 97 and fails his climbing roll
Lee "What kind of monkey are you?"
Matt "A bad one"

Matt is passing an XP chip to Lee
Matt "You can have the chip when you can take it from my hand…"

Michael's character breaks his second lajatang
Lee "Worst. Weapon master. Ever."
Matt "Stop monkeying around"

The oni is dead
Matt "I cast Sigh of Relief"

Matt and Michael's characters are having a psychic duel
Lee, to Michael "Are you going to break your mind?"

Michael "Is there a late night calzones and healing potion shop?"

Matt "Bring out yer dead"

Lee keeps going on about the party stopping for some sleep
Matt "Who needs sleep when you have honor"

Lee's monk is struck by the Hail of Stone spell and is knocked unconscious
Lee "At last I can get some sleep!"

Matt "Demons run amuck,
Some new heroes will arrive,
All problems will cease"