Nigel's Contacts

Scholar- Jack Finnigan Professor of Ancient Worlds, head of Archeology Dept. of Oxford (Earth)
Nigel's colleague at the school and childhood friend growing up. He was one of the reasons why Nigel was able to get his job back at the department in the first place, despite the obvious conflict with other professors and researchers at the school. With his knowledge of the ancient world and resources, he definitely has power back on Earth and plenty of knowledge about it. Nigel being on Mars now though, leaves him as only a little more than an advice column in a newspaper, and a pen pal. Although when the times comes where Nigel may return he'll be a great asset to have in the meanwhile the only help he can really offer is advice on procedures and the knowledge he has on some particular subjects in the martian community. This information however is purely based off of what Nigel has sent him and the preexisting information sent to Earth from the colonies. Jack knows of Nigel's past and knows a little bit of his trip to Mars and the conditions of it. He is a trusted friend and has agreed to keep things as quiet as possible although he will not jeopardize his career as boldly as Nigel did. However he will help him in any way he can to rebuild it for him.

British Consulate- David Lane, trade commission administrator in Parhoon.

Martian Guide- Nalren, former soldier turned guide for foreign treasure hunters, based in Gorovaan.

British Officer- Captain Robert James Gibson, stationed in Shastapsh as part of the occupation forces.

Martian Historian- Malsit, the Royal Historian in Syrtis Major.