Niels was born in Germany and lived in Brazil before coming to the US and eventually ending up in Buffalo for a spell. He played BPRD Occult Specialist Professor Maaria Krete in our Hellboy/BPRD delve campaign and "Lord Flop", a human thief pretending to be a nobleman, in our AD&D campaign The Warlord. He also played Captain Arthur Saxon in our Deadliest Cargo Serenity Delve Boon Companions. Jim has named him "Lord of the Quotes".

Random Quotes
"Banter is good, finishing your turn is better"
"Left is always the right way."
"My dog is a rescue dog from Tennessee, so he barks with a twang."
"Was that your impression of a black, orcish pirate?"
Watching a reality show commercial about Alaskan woman going to Florida to find dates:
Contestant "I just want to wear a dress and feel like a girl"
Niels "That works for drag queens, too"