New Weapons And Equipment

Here's some specific pieces of hardware that have come up in the game.


Alliance Arms Type 5 Officers' Pistol
Ares Interplanetary Arms Leijiao (Thunderstrike) Railgun Sniper Rifle
Ares Interplanetary Arms Shan Dian (Lightning) Coil Pistol
Ares Interplanetary Arms Phobos Gauss Assault Rifle
Ares Interplanetary Arms Deimos Micromissile Pod
Ares Interplanetary Arms Hades Enhanced Gauss Pistol
Blue Sun Mark IV B Duelling Pistol
Callahan Full Bore Auto Lock
Callahan Mark-99 Sniper Rifle
Deutrex Panthera pump action shotgun
Dunarmco Squad Light Machine Gun SLMG-12
Horus Industries Seker Laser Pistol
Iskellian Technologies Bao Bao (Hailstorm) Coil Submachinegun
Iskellian Technologies BTCHN Camaro Pistol
Iskellian Technologies Chain Knife
Jinan Bing Qi (Ogre's Fist) Gauss Shotgun
Jinan Chun Bian (Hammerstrike) Heavy Gauss Pistol
Jinan Shen Chui (Godhammer) Gauss Rifle
Justice Arms Flash High Velocity Pistol
Neotek CR-12 Assault Rifle
Shao Wu Inc. Yan Jing She (Cobra) Heavy Revolver
Vulcan Products Narsil Extendible Sword
Whisper dart rifle
Boarding Grenades
Generic Newtech Firearms
Refer to Weapon Technology for explanations of weapon types

Medical Equipment

Ariel Medical Equipment Surgical Vision Enhancement Goggles
Ariel Medical Equipment Temporary Wound Sealer
Dalian Medical Supply Co. Core World Paramedic's Bag
Dalian Medical Electronics Inc. Diagnostic Imaging Scanner
Medical Equipment Rules and Bonuses
Montoya Technologies Medcomp Upgrade Package

Other Equipment

Blue Sun Grasshopper Jump Pack
Mercury EVA Flight pack
Montoya Technologies Medical Personnel Pressure Suit
Montoya Technologies Pilot’s Pressure Suit Type 3
Iskellian Technologies Boarding Team Armored Space Suit
Grav Pallet
Hologram Decoy

Gear from other Sources

Firefly Fanbook
Jeremiah's Bounty Hunting Gear
Sam's Smugglers' Emporium