What was that?
Bound for Persephone from Beaumonde, the Britannia is carrying a cargo of fruit. Halfway through the journey, the ship is rocked by a small explosion and they drop out of pulse drive, artificial gravity failing and tumbling slightly. Captain Windsor regains control and calls the crew up. Engineering has a hull rupture and Silas and Naomi suit up and investigate. The rest of the crew suits up as well, thankfully they had no passengers. The engineers find the grav boot failed explosively. They still have an old grav boot they saved as a spare, while Naomi and Silas fix that, Windsor, Cid and Ruan suit up and go outside to patch the hull. With all repairs complete, they complete the trip to Persephone. As soon as they land, they get a new grav boot, do a neater job of patching the hull and begin looking for work. Windsor is contacted by an attractive Hispanic woman, she introduces herself as Luciana Mata. She would like to meet with the captain, he agrees and she shows up shortly in a fancy limousine. She meets with Windsor and explains she is headed for Pelorum to do a negotiation for a client. She wants to hire the ship on a limited charter: if Windsor can't get a full cargo, she will pay the difference. She will need them to stay on Pelorum for three to five days and will also need to rent a shuttle. She is a licensed pilot, but may call on the crew to provide an entourage. Since the crew will be stuck on Pelorum, she will pay them to have shore leave there. The captain agrees. Once repairs are done, they load a cargo and head for Pelorum. Along the way, Ruan reads Luciana; she is a Companion, but is currently serving as a paid negotiator for her client. The deal is slightly shady as she is there to buy a stolen piece of art, her client is not the original owner either.

A working vacation
Once on Pelorum, the crew gets shore leave while Luciana takes a shuttle to her meeting. They go fishing, rent jet skis and hit the beach and soak up the sun and rum drinks. Ruan and Naomi go souvenir shopping. But the evening of the second day, they return to find the shuttle back and Luciana is waiting for them in the lounge, visibly fuming. She sits down with the captain and begins discussing alternatives. She is very angry because the man she was here to negotiate with insisted part of the price would be her servicing him and would not negotiate at all. She is deeply insulted; Companions always choose their clients. Instead, she will pay them to steal the painting. The captain agrees and she describes the owner, Thaddeus York, the layout of the first floor of his mansion and the security procedures she observed. She describes the item, a piece of art from Earth that Was and admits it's stolen, but York is not the legal owner and neither is her client. She insists they don't kill anyone and they must give her at least 24 hours notice so she can establish an alibi with a local client. The team packs up some surveillance gear and takes one of the shuttles out to his estate and lands nearby. Under the cover of heavy rain, they infiltrate the estate and observe the owner's schedule and the security procedure. There are two guards who walk patrols around the house and garage, and a pair of small servants quarters some distance away from the house. The guards rotate every eight hours, but are brought in and picked up by the security company. They can enter the house to use the bathroom.
With some basic observations, the crew goes into planning mode (GM's note: And into OVERplanning mode. It was terrible.) and finally come up with a plan. They captain flies a shuttle in for a quiet landing. The rest of the team, led by Naomi with breaking and entering gear, cut through the fence and sneak up on the guards. Ruan approaches the first and knocks him out with a stun baton, Junior puts on his coat, cap and equipment belt and walks his patrol. They tie and gag the guard and hide him in the trees with Silas. Cid sneaks up on the other guard and makes a martial arts attack with his shock gloves and knocks him out, then takes his gear and starts walking his route while the second guard is hidden as well.
Now Naomi and Ruan break in through the french doors facing the patio. They come in through a large living/party room and Naomi steals some expensive liquor from the bar. Maneuvering the grav pallet they brought through the study door, Naomi bangs the wall with it and York wakes up upstairs. Ruan "listens" as York tries to decide what's going on. Naomi zips to the guest bathroom and flushes the toilet the guards use and York hears it and relaxes, grumbling about telling the guards to go to one of the servants' quarters in the future. They enter the study, remove the alarms and take down the painting in its hermetically sealed case and put it on the grav pallet and head out. But they make more noise and York gets up to investigate. Naomi and Ruan rush to get outside and away and do so before York comes downstairs.
Meanwhile, Junior has given in to his boredom and prankster nature. He jury rigs a booby trap with a tear gas grenade on the garage entrance, then takes a dump in the estate's fountain…
They return to the shuttle and stealth away on her anti-grav, then return to the ship and call Luciana, but get her voice mail. In the morning, she calls them back. She will take a commercial transport to Paquin to further establish her alibi. The Britannia heads to Paquin and they have a short shore leave waiting for Luciana, then pick up a cargo heading to Persephone. They deliver her to Persephone and begin to look for the next job.

Quotes and Smart remarks
Making dodge rolls after the accident
Matt "I already dodged, I avoided all the work"

After the grav boot exploded
Raleigh "Everything is fine, just make your way to the shuttles"

Lee "Pilot like the wind"
Michael rolls an 8
Emily "More like a breeze"

Talking about a new local craft distilled spirit, which is basically rum, but legally can't be called rum, and comparing it to Silas' home brew
Raleigh "It's spacecraft distilled spirits"

Partway through, Kevin used the Cortex App for the new Firefly Online game and we decided to use that description for Pelorum, rather than the one I made up. So now they were on a resort world instead of a poor farming world.

Talking about if the crew wanted to go to the beach or go fishing
Lee "If I have to decide between boobies and fishes, I choose boobies"

The antagonist is named Thaddeus York
Lee "York of the Peppermint Patty Yorks?"

Raleigh got a superchip for guessing the painting was a "velvet Elvis"

Mata is picking a local client with a prickly sense of honor for her alibi
Lee "I'm prickly"
Matt "He doesn't shave down there at all"

Discussing the infiltration of York's mansion
Emily "Do you think an alarm would sound if a ship landed on the fence?"
Lee "I guarantee I will <land on the fence>"
Jim "It's part of his idiom"
Looking for satellite images, we decided to check "GoogleVerse"

Ruan is going to use his ESP to tell if they wake anyone up during the theft
Lee "Oh, you're going to use your magic powers"

Matt "Thursday theft day"

Gathering breaking and entering gear, Junior has a can of laser detection spray mist
"It sprays a fine mist of lasers"

Sneaking around in the house
Raleigh "Ooh. Ooh, I have an idea…"
Emily "NO."
Emily "What else is in the room?"
Kevin "Bars of gold, but you don't care"
Lee "It's Nazi gold"

Matt wants to prank the owner
Matt "Why is the security guard taking a dump in the pool?"