Naga Forest

JoAnne- Samurai Archer Mai
John- Samurai
Chris- Shapeshifter Wu-Jen Ren
Michael- Samurai Rin
Kevin- Kensai
NPC- Shukenja Souta

The party is sent by their daimyo as envoys to a naga village in the Shinomen forest to carry an offer of alliance. The party is given gifts to deliver and told not to come back with out agreement. They travel deep into the dark forest, Mai thinks they are being followed. When they arrive, naga asp warriors stop them and naga chameleon scouts come out of the woods to block their retreat. They present their letter of introduction to the guards, who summon a greensnake diplomat who reads it and invites them in. They are taken to a meeting with a constrictor naga magistrate. She questions the party, then communes telepathically with the naga counsel.
Her reply is that friends and enemies alike can offer gifts and words, true honor is shown by actions. The naga want proof of their intentions.

There is an old shrine which was defiled by treachery. The party is to go there and drive out the spirits. If they prove their honor by their deeds, the naga will accept their daimyo's offers. The party agrees and leaves the next day for the shrine. That night, their camp is attacked by a band of goblin rats in ratman form. They slay the rats and move camp. On the way to the shrine, they are ambushed by a larger group of Goblin rats, led by their chief. Several of the party are wounded, but the goblin rats are defeated.

When the party arrives at the shrine, they see a tree with strange, red veined leaves is growing in front of the entrance. Nearby, a half dozen trees have a strange, dark discoloration. Leaves separate from the tree and fly towards the party. One lands on John's samurai and tries to drain blood. Then the group is ambushed by bajang spirits who use their Steam Breath attack on the party. Chris' Wu-Jen is Held but the shukenja uses Dispel Magic to free them. The party realizes the bajang are tree spirits, they shoot flaming arrows and throw oil flasks on their host trees and on the vampire tree as well. Once the spirits are slain and the trees burned, the priest does a purification ritual where the trees grew.

The party returns to the naga village and meet with the council. They approve the daimyo's offer. They present Mai with a Golden Pearl for their master. When held, the daimyo can think a message of ten words and they will receive it. The party is also gifted with a magic item each and earns 2 points of Honor.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
<The players are making horse hoofbeat noises>
Jim "No coconuts!"
Chris "I don't have coconut skill."

Kevin "Ninjas always hide in the shrubbery."
John "Druid-Ninjas summon their own shrubbery."

<John's character delivers a huge amount of damage to a goblin rat with his tetsubo mace>
Jim "You smash his head right out of the park."
Kevin "Is he okay?"

Jim "The shukenja jumps out of his bedroll, strikes a pose: Kung fu!"
JoAnne "Who does he think he is, Madonna?"

JoAnne "Rats…why did it have to be rats?"
Jim "Because we already did snakes…"

<The party finds a vampire tree; its leaves attack them like flying leeches>
Michael "What kind of freaky vampire would bite a tree?"
Jim "A vegetarian."

Kevin "So the pearl is like a Twitter account?"