The Mystery Woman

The "Mystery Woman" is of course an Operative of the Parliament. When I started writing the campaign, I decided that the characters would deal with an operative, but I wanted one different from the one in the movie. The movie Operative believes in the righteousness of the Alliance, that it is perfect and can do no wrong, therefore what was done to River and others like her is acceptable. The Alliance is his god and he is zealous in pursuit of its goals. He is also slightly insane. His style is direct involvement, he is hands on, such as the meeting with Mal at Inara's Companion House and going to Dante. And he is somewhat arrogant, commandeering a ship like a Cortez class as his personal transport.
I wanted my Operative to be different. She is secretive, a manipulator, working through active agents like Fiolla Hart and catspaws like the player characters. She is just as zealous, but she believes in the goals of the Alliance. She wants to bring peace, safety and prosperity to the people of the Alliance, all of them. So she has focussed on criminal elements like pirates and slavers who prey on the people. The revelation of the horrible crime committed against the colonists on Miranda has brought her into partnership with Senator von Alksburg to punish those who caused this atrocity.
She is less arrogant than the other Operative, using a smaller Orca class corvette, the IAV Lionfish as her command post. The Lionfish carries half the normal number of troops, replacing them with a team of analysts and powerful computers to sort for the clues she needs.