Myrkur "The Black Gasp" Nocturno

Myrkur is the mother of Fenriz Nocturno. She grew up an urchin in the streets of Neverwinter. She then came upon a young sorcerer named Hoest. He took her to a tomb in Neverdeath, a place in which he called home. There Myrkur trained to become a vicious assassin. Her natural beauty allowed her to lure victims to their untimely doom. She soon became known as the "Black Gasp" as her victims see a flash of black before their utter their final gasp into death. Myrkur was a cold blooded killer however she feel deeply in love with Hoest the newest leader of The Children of Bathory. They married and had a child. Myrkur was as relentless as Hoest was in training Fenriz's. She was in charge of teaching him skills in swordplay, poisoning, lock picking, acrobatics, and intrigue. The majority of razor thin scars on Fenriz's body are due to the quick slash of Myrkur's black rapier (the Bane of Midnight). Myrkur was sent on a mission and was kidnapped by a lord from Waterdeep. There are no clues as to her current location or state of health.