Murder On The Bacrana Clipper

Come Aboard, We're expecting You
The team is at Oracle base, training in the down time between missions. C'athall is called in for a meeting with General Reskan and Commander Gion. He and his team have been doing well and made some significant contributions to the Rebellion here in Brak sector. Because of that, C'athall can expect bigger missions with more responsibility and will be leading not just his own team but other teams on missions with his team serving as leadership. But first, they have a mission. One of the operatives assigned to a cell on Bacrana may heve been turned or the Empire may have uncovered him and is using him to feed false information. Their orders are to proceed to Bacrana under cover on a passenger liner and attempt to retrieve the operative. If he resists being called in, assume he is a traitor and deal with him. If he cooperates, return him to Oracle base for questioning so he can be cleared. The team will be transported to Genesia by Flight Officer Castri, they have fake IDs and tickets. Due to weapon restrictions on the liner and Bacrana, they will be unable to bring their personal weapons and armor. Redo will need to stay behind as well.
Lirisa transports them to Genesia, some of the team, especially Zaonderh, buy some new clothes for the trip. The tickets are for standard accomadations, but everyone decides to pay to upgrade to first class. The team boards the passenger liner, passing security without an incident. Its about a four day trip to Bacrana, including time to clear traffic at both worlds.

A New Romance
The ship is well equipped for entertainment with a bar, casino, night club and theatre. Hack's eighteenth birthday falls on their departure day and C'athall hires a sexy Twi'lek prostitute from the ship's staff to spend the night with Hack. Varek goes to the casino and plays several hands with a professional gambler, losing his money. He notices the gambler may have a concealed hold out blaster. Leelan tries the nightclub and then does some ship exploring. C'athall finds a hot, slightly older woman drinking in the bar alone and starts firting with her. Unfortuately, her husband, a former gravball player shows up and tries to throw C"athall aside. C'athall slams him against the bar, stunning him. Two big bouncers with stun sticks approach and send everyone off. C'athall ends up in another bar and picks up another woman for a night's fling. Varek later sees the gambler approach the ex-athlete and strike up an enthusiastic conversation, the athlete is a former famous player and the gambler appears to be a fan.

Set a Course for Adventure
Day two onboard starts quietly enough. During the pre-dinner happy hour, the gambler is buying drinks for the athlete. Hack also recognizes him and joins the conversation. After dinner, C'athall is cruising the bars looking for the wife, but the husband finds him first and drunkenly punches him in the back. After another brief scuffle, C'athall drops him again and heads back to his room. Leelan is bored in the public sections of the ship and talks his way into the crew lounge and goes drinking with the engineers.
In the morning, C'athall is awakened by the ship's captain and two security officers. The ex-athlete, Vinor Typhe was found dead in a hallway overnight. They take him to the security office for questioning. Leelan emerges from his stateroom just in time to see the arrest. He gathers up the rest of the team.
C'athall is questioned by the captain and security officer, but unfortunately went to his room alone and was there all night, so he has no alibi. They examine his hands for any marks of fresh backscatter burns from firing a blaster but his hands are clean. However, since he is the best suspect, he will be under room arrest with a guard until they dock at Bacrana later today and he is turned over to local authorities. The team meets him and begins their investigation, focussing on the gambler and his wife. Zaonderh and Hack question her without learning anything new. Varek and Leelan have breakfast with the gambler and they believe he is lying to them and he may no longer be carrying what they suspect was a hold out blaster. Varek makes an appointment to gamble with him in the afternoon. Hack slices into the ship's security system and finds video of the gambler talking with the victim late the night before. So he did see the victim right before his death. Leelan and hack break into the gambler's room and search it. They find a multi tool, set for a small bolt. Hack realizes it could be for an airvent and finds the room's vent has been recently removed and replaced. Inside is a hold out blaster which smells like it has been recently fired. They return to their quarters, leaving the multitool in a slightly more obvious place. Hack bundles up the video and sends it to the security chief. They end up searching the gambler's room, then arresting him and finding fresh blaster blisters on his hand. The captain releases C'athall with apologies and a refund. The ship arrives at Bacrana that evening and the team disembarks.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Trying to decide what to get on pizza
Emily "Don't Gottlieb the pizza"

C'athall is being groomed for more responsibility
Lee "You're going to need to sit through more training videos"
Jim "Mandatory management counselling session"

Players are spending points on skills and somehow rape came into the discussion
Emily changes the music "This is your gun-fu and rape training montage"
Lee "It's persuasion with force"
Jim "Aggressive persuasion"
Kevin "I'll take 'the rapists' for 200 Alex"
Lee "It's therapists…"

Jim "Your next mission…"
Lee "Should you accept it"
Emily "I didn't want to say it"

Discussing possible cosmetic changes to the characters to go with their fake IDs
Lee "Kevin<'s character> walks around without his helmet and we're like 'Who is that?' "

Do the characters have extra civilian clothes?
Kevin "If by clothes, you mean different sets of armor"

Fake ID names
Kevin "Bob Rebel. Bob T. Rebel"

Everyone has been extra silly for a bit
Lee "We should pay Jim for this"

Discussing where we are in the Star Wars timeline and what news the Empire is releasing versus what it spins for propaganda
Emily "Everyone tells you where they were when they heard Alderaan was destroyed"

C'athall puts down the jealous husband and humiliates him, Lee tosses a blue chip to Mike
Mike "I'll kiss him after, just to be a dick. It's the hockey player in me"
Lee "That's why you got my chip"

Discusses the stores in the ship's promenade, but they're all vape shops
Emily "Is there a vape shop planet?"

The belligerent husband of the trophy wife is a former grav-ball player
Lee "Gravball player and his wife sounds like an adventure hook"
Mike "Are there railroad tracks in space?"

Discussing how far down in fame the ex-athlete is
Jim "He's not on Dancing for the Emperor"
Lee <creepy emperor voice> "Dance, my young apprentice"
Kevin "You don't want to do badly there and get the Force Lightning"
Lee <creepy emperor voice> "I'm afraid the dance will be over before your friends arrive"

Leelan is drinking with the ship's engineers
Lee "Some people call this coolant, but we call it Friday night"

The ex-athlete is dead
Lee "My autograph is going to be worth so much money now!"