After disembarking from the passenger liner, the crew has a couple days on Boros before catching another ship back to Beaumonde to recover the Britannia. Back on Beaumonde, Silas and Naomi do monthly maintenance and Captain Windsor and Cid look for work. They get two cargoes of electronics and honey bound for Sihnon. The trip is quiet and Ruan decides he will try to go on shore leave on Sihnon again. But this time he leaves his pistol home and uses the fake ID he was given to use on the last job and makes it through customs. Afterwards Cid gets cargo bound for Harvest in Red Sun.
On Harvest, Silas visits a local bar that caters to former Mudders and people who just hate Magistrate Higgins of Higgins' Moon. Silas is approached by a friend, Irwin Murphy, about a job to hit Higgins in the bank account. A shipment of mud is almost ready for pickup, Murphy's people will pay them 2,000 credits to break into the warehouse and steal 200 tons of mud bricks and deliver it to them on Jiangyin. Silas takes the info and presents it to the captain who agrees. It's good money and looks easy. Murphy privately tells Silas some of his contacts will show up during the job to do some work of their own. The crew makes their plans and the captain gets a cargo of frozen meat headed to Persephone as a cover. Cid has Junior make up a sleep gas grenade for him.

It's mud, right?
Cid, Silas, Naomi and Ruan take a shuttle and sneak down to Higgins' Moon while Windsor and Junior wait in the ship (GM's note: Lee and Matt couldn't make it). They sneak up to the buildings, but Ruan and Naomi run into one of the guards. He shoots Naomi with a shotgun, then Ruan and Naomi shoot back and kill him. Silas and Cid throw flashbang and sleep gas grenades in on the other two guards and knock them out. They call in the Britannia and open the warehouse and start the cargo MULE to begin moving 20 ton pallets of mud bricks. Murphy's friends show up and give the password to Silas, they have satchel charges of mining explosive that they set up in the refinery. Windsor brings the ship in quietly and loading begins. Cid recovers the shuttle. Silas has trouble driving the cargo loader and damages the airlock seal on the cargo ramp, but gets better with practice.
As they are finishing up, they spot a truck heading their way from the main compound. Naomi puts a railgun round into the engine and Cid and Silas shoot at tires, then Junior rips it with a burst of machine gun fire. As they close up to take off, Cid empties his Auto Lock to keep their heads down.

Run for It!
As the ship climbs to orbit, Windsor calls Cid to the bridge. When Cid and Naomi arrive, the captain points at a patrol boat closing on them and demanding their surrender. The captain orders Cid to take over and plot a course for Heinlein's rings to try to throw off pursuit. The patrol boat closes the distance and puts a cannon round into the Britannia, blowing one of their fuel tanks. Cid and Naomi take turns plotting evasion courses, and they gain a lead, but the patrol stays with them and fires a missile. Windsor launches decoys to fool the missile and Cid finally gets a good enough lead to go to pulse drive and evades the patrol boat. They plot a new course and sneak back to Jiangyin. While Junior unloads the cargo, Silas seals off the ruptured fuel tank and patches the hull so the ship can land on Persephone to deliver their cargo. With the mud delivered and paid for, they head to Persephone. They land there without any issues and unload their cargo and get a new one headed for Beaumonde. Windsor contacts Shen on Angel about making repairs at his facility and the crew departs for the Kalidasa system.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
On leave on Boros
Emily "We overplanned our leave, what's next?"

Ruan is buying Naomi nice clothes on Sihnon, but won't buy something for Cid
Michael "Why Naomi and not anybody else?"
Raleigh "Boobs"

Raleigh raised Naomi's Agility stat
Raleigh "I put the slink into slinky"

Silas goes drinking on Sihnon
Kevin "I find an upscale dive bar"
Emily "The glasses are clean"
Jim "And they match"
Emily "No, that's too much"

Jim "You're in a cheap motel"
Kevin "Motel 3"
Jim "We'll leave the door open for you"

Drinking Mudders' Milk
Kevin "Keep your teeth together so the chunks don't go down"
Emily "It's the opposite of vomiting"
Kevin "It's how we filter beer on Higgins' Moon. And water"

Raleigh "We're not just doing this for the mud, we're doing it for a shitload of mud"

Discussing rough flying with loaded cargo
Kevin "We're not going to hurt the mud"

Talking about International Tiki Day
Emily "It has a Facebook page"
Jim "So you know its legit"

The players are rolling Astrogation skill checks to throw off the patrol ship's pursuit, Jim is rolling for the patrol crew to follow them
Raleigh "Math off"
The patrol ship stays with them, Jim tells them to roll again
Raleigh "I am turning up the math"

In preparation for crazy flying, Cid zips up his blackjack flight jacket. Then after they escape:
Michael "I'm going to relax and unzip"
Emily "Your pants?"

Discussing the patrol boat encounter
Jim "It wasn't a shoot out, it was a shot at"

We had a lot of trouble with the music from Pandora, it just wasn't appropriate
Raleigh "Play the ore shipping song"