Mountain Mystery

The characters who have met (Aldur, Giric, Rhiann and Yurten travel on to Port Natal looking for work. They are hired by a man named Adolphus, who is planning an "archeological' expedition to the mountains near the Thunderhell Steppes. He puts them up in a nice inn while he hires a few more people, and returns with Greywind, Hiro, and Jacques. The group heads north to LaMut on the trade road which follows the Yabon river.

Along the way, they stop in a small village. Yurten is approached for assistance by the locals, a neighboring village has had people go missing, they believe they were abducted. Yurten approaches Adolphus about it and he agrees to take a side trip and help them. They travel to the village and talk to the mayor and townsfolk, people have gone missing on the west side of town, hunters, farmers, the last one was a woman doing laundry by a stream, her laundry was left behind and there was no sign of a struggle. The nearby mountains are known to have goblins and moredhel, but there has not been a raid in years.

The party head into the mountains to search and does encounter a hunting party of goblins. Aldur actually manages to persuade them to parley and talk; they mention a female centaur lives in a valley further along. With that information, Aldur signals the party to attack the goblins. Adolphus and Yurten refuse to join the betrayal of the parley and Hiro and Rhiann are angry afterwards. They burn the bodies and move on. Finding the valley, Greywind uses Speak with Animals to question a fox, the fox says he has seen a centaur with a human going into the valley. Near the mouth of the valley, they find tracks, what looks like unshod horse hooves, mountain lion tracks and human boot prints. The human prints go in, but none ever come out…

Searching the valley leads them to a cave mouth with human bones scattered around. Jacques goes in to scout, followed by Greywind and Giric, Aldur, Rhiann and Yurten come last while Adolphus guards the horses. Jacques finds living space at the end of the cave, inside is the "female centaur", eating the corpse of a human. But she has clawed forelegs like a lion's, something is not right. It is a Lamia, not a centaur. The sound of Yurten's armor jingles down the cave, Jacques looks behind him, then back and the centaur is gone. Jacques Hides in Shadows to see what happens. As the party approaches, the monster attacks from Invisibility, using her claws. Hiro is mortally wounded and Yurten is hit by a Blindness spell. The monster is finally slain and Yurten heals Hiro, but his eyesight does not return. They gather up some material components, treasure and a spell book written on leather pages from the monster's lair and return to the village.

Overnight Yurten's eyesight returns, the mayor gives them an official letter to take to the duke in LaMut expressing the town's gratitude. The party travels on to LaMut and plans a short stay, Aldophus needs to talk to people about travel passes and maps. He gets an appointment to see the duke and they get court clothes for those who don't have them. The duke thanks them for killing a monster preying on his people and awards them each 300gp.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
This was the first time we had the full group together and there were lots of out of character silliness and shenanigans. I did get some good quotes, though.
Jim, about a comment JoAnne about Konrad's bard "That took the wind out of his sails"
John "He's a bard; his sails are self-inflating"

Side conversation about how Konrad's character in Matt's Cyberpunk campaign is always wounded but never dies "He's accident prone, but death proof"

John, about Michael's laid back character "The Druid abides"

Michael to Matt "What animal are you?"
Matt "I respond in Mole" (Gnomes can speak with burrowing animals)
Konrad "Mole..mole..mmmoooolllllleeee"

Matt is rolling Move Silently "01%!"
Jim "One is the stealthiest number"

Matt "I Hide in Shadows for fear of my life"

Chmiel, talking like a parrot "Aaack, dick move, dick move!"
John "Thank you, Iago"